Can Moore "Just Do It" for EA Sports?

Can the EA Sports brand really compete with the likes of Nike and Adidas? Next-Gen catches up with EA Sports' new boss, former Xbox man Peter Moore.

Obviously, Moore has had to embrace the companies that he once considered rivals when working with Microsoft. He's optimistic about all three console makers, cheering them on as EA Sports' continuing proliferation into the videogame world is dependent on their combined success.

"I'm a fanboy of driving the industry forward," he proclaims. "I have nothing but the greatest respect for the team that I worked with at Microsoft for the past four-and-a-half years. I number hundreds of them as personal friends. They'll be successful. I think Sony's making all of the right moves to get themselves back in the frame again and I applaud them for that. And clearly Nintendo doesn't need my help in continuing to sell lots of Wiis."

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Itachi4053d ago

fock no the bases of those brands is quality and thats something EA are really REALLY lacking