The Name of the Next Splinter Cell is Retribution?

A Facebook leak informs us that the next Splinter Cell game will be named Retribution.

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Convas2785d ago

Name makes a lot of sense. After all, at the end of the game, you get the impression that Sam is in the mood to find out just what **SPOILER** is up to and give them some repayment for the death of **SPOILER**.

I just hope that they move back to a stealthier Splinter Cell. Though, I don't believe they should abandon ALL the action-y bit completely.

Blaze9292785d ago

After Splinter Cell Conviction, I really don't care too much for the next one until the bring the original formula back.

I'm more interested in seeing a new damn Rainbow Six game on consoles. Haven't had a game since Vegas 2 and they bring the next installation to iOS devices? idiots.

And bring out that Ghost Recon...which also looks like it might be some shit judging off the footage from E3. Dunno why they feel the need to change everything that wasn't broken.

beast242tru2785d ago

i want conviction on my ps3 wtf ubisoft why not give everyone a chance tp play ps3 is about 45 million strong cumon

TheColbertinator2785d ago

lol how original :p

Splinter Cell Retaliation
Splinter Cell Decimation
Splinter Cell Elimination
Splinter Cell Revitalization

OhMyGandhi2785d ago

Bring it back to it's Pandora Tomorrow/Chaos Theory gameplay style. seriously. it pisses me off that they RADICALLY changed the game's style of play to be just action orientated with stealth nearly nonexistent.

If people consider Conviction to be stealth because you "wait and your behind cover" then Gears of War and other cover based shooters may as well add stealth to their description.

If they don't bring that element back, then they've officially ruined one of my damned favorite franchises.

there aren't enough Stealth related games anymore, so there is no reason to jump the originality ship and cater to an audience that is beyond the functionality of the franchise.

Bigpappy2785d ago

Nah. If you think the stealth elements made the game great, then you need to go back to the original. Caos Theory is where they started to add the action element to SC. The original was all stealth and gadgets. I did all my shooting with the silent pistol and used my rifle to launch gadgets like the sticky shocker. I miss the alarms and lamberts canceling missions when you gave up your cover.

dgroundwater2785d ago

Even the original Splinter Cell had action segments in the last 3 missions. They kind of suck and don't really belong in a game like that. I played it a few months ago, and wondered why develpoers think it's necessary to shove gunfights in their stealth games.

Rybakov2785d ago

Black arrow is going down! just please go back to stealth like the older Splinter Cells

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