Online Passes Fail

Game publishers, frustrated by the rise of use gamed sales, are increasingly making games that require online passes. A gamer has to purchase an online pass before he can play the game online. This trend sucks for gamers.

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Dart892786d ago

This is stupid what about those that have other family member who play from the the same game.I paid $60 for mk and if it gets the online pass i'm gonna have to pay another $30 just so my bros can play online god i really hate this generation.

LOGICWINS2785d ago

Why can't they just play online using YOUR account?

And the fact, that you have bros means u can play offline versus with them. You don't NEED to pay the extra $30.

Dart892785d ago

Cuz they like to play on thier own accounts and they enjoy online alot so we rarely play offline.

MrBeatdown2785d ago

Playing on your own account is different from playing on someone else's. On your own, you can track your own stats, your own trophies and achievements, and play with your own friends.

Fortunately, most passes, at least on PSN, are in the form of a download, meaning anyone on that system can play online.

I can't recall a game that didn't work like that. Medal of Honor, NFS Hot Pursuit, and Smackdown 2011 all worked like that.

I'm sure there are some that have the one account only problem. Those are the only ones of any concern to me. As long as I can download the online pass and anyone on the system can use it, I'm happy.

--------2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And you really want him to share his account with his brothers?

It's his account for a reason. Your name is so ironic it's hilarious.

solidjun52785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

lol. I know, i find it ironic too.

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marioPSUC2785d ago

Im against Online passes but I see why some developers are doing it. But they really need to make it like a 3 time use thing or something, so more than one person that has a console in your house doesnt have to pay $15 to play online.

Solbadguy2785d ago

I got 3 PS3 in my house and the 5 limit activation is great for this kind of stuff. I still hate online passes cause it just adds another useless item onto my download history list and it's now around 550 items.

TronEOL2785d ago

This is all fine and dandy that some people don't like online passes, but I rented Medal of Honor and Crysis 2 for PS3 and I could still play online without an online pass.

I'm not sure how long this lasts, but I guess it doesn't matter to me since I only have the game for 7 days anyhow.

As for online passes, it shouldn't really matter. I always find used games for only 5-10 dollars cheaper than new. So why not put your money towards a new, unused copy of whatever EA game you want? If you don't like it, just stop buying their games. Simple.

Quagmire2785d ago

Crysis 2 never had online passes

snaz272785d ago

yep and this is what i do, any game requiring an online pass i won't buy simple... When i get my pc though i will download them for free :-) just to put two fingers up to these money grabbing companies... I mean come on they still make shit loads of money just off one game! I'm betting more money than we'll see in our lifetime! But oh no this is not enough! If they can get rid of used games and rented games they'll get even more MONEY! Fuck the fans, fuck the people that can't afford new games! Just get that MONEY!... Yeah i'll have those games for free thanks. Lol... What really gets me is i saw dead space 2 in game pre owned the other day, it was like 35 quid i think, i could get it cheaper new! But then that's just game for you! Another money grabbing rip off company! I can't remember the last time i bought something in there! I only go in to piss the staff off lmao. I know, i'm a bastard lol.

snaz272785d ago

mmmmmm num num, a disagree, ha ha keep em coming.

rdgneoz32785d ago

"fuck the people that can't afford new games"

It seems like the only people really complaining about buying games new are the ones who are either cheap and are gonna torrent it in the first place, or ones without a job / make sh!t for a living. Hell, I know I spend more money on drinks on the weekend than I do on games in a month. As for PS3 sharing on multiple systems / family systems, as was said "I still hate online passes cause it just adds another useless item onto my download history list".

I believe Tim Minchin says my feelings perfectly:

Oh no, game #367-B has an online pass... Which comes free with a new game... Whatever will I do...

snaz272785d ago

and i spend more on green because i deem it to be worth it, many people wouldn't, as i wouldn't go spending loads of money on a night out, cos i don't think it's worth it... As for games i think they are well over priced anyway! Especially when sony and the like try to sell download only games for the same price as a retail copy! And look at their vid store! It's a joke!... Now lets say there is an rpg that has loads of awesome content, maybe that might be worth about 30 to me, but an 8 hour shooter? Nah sorry that's a tenner for me... And why would i pay 50 quid for a game when i can get it pre owned a little while later for a fraction of that? Now in the past i have bought games at top whack, then what happens a few months later when you want to sell it? They offer you 10 quid if you're lucky! Fuck that! I've had enough of doing that... So i'm not allowed to be frugal with my money? Lol... Look at games like 3d dot heros or whatever it's called, they wanted 40 quid for that? Pmsl they can jog on! If pricing was fair and relative i wouldn't mind, but it's not... If you think it is that's cool, go buy them... I'll get em cheap though thanks very much... As for me pirating them anyway, well i can't at the moment, i don't have a pc... Also i've got 2 kids to provide for, so yeah money is a bit tight... Should i be punished for that? Anyway everyone has their own opinion, and mine is the gaming industry is becoming more and more of a rip off! Look at the dlc trend! I just refuse to be ripped off.

blackhammer2785d ago

How do you feel about gamers who try to get jobs and, for one reason or another, are repeatedly denied a job?

Dugstar2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I think you need to get a grip .. rdgneoz3

I for one work.. but can rarely afford new games due to the constraints of having 2 kids along with a house to keep running.

Online passes are daylight robbery due to the fact you have to pay extra should you buy the game pre-owned.. as many of us sometimes do and sometimes have no choice but too.

If I buy a game I expect it to work from the off .. not be hounded into parting more money to access certain shit to play the game.

snaz272785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

blackhammer... Especially in this time, there are no jobs, this is why i'm going self employed and trying to start my own business... I ain't gonna be working 40 hours a week for next to nothing! I know going self employed won't be easy but atleast i'll be my own boss and i'll get to spend time around my kids... It's a tough world to live in though that's for sure... And these little rip off techniques companies try just doesn't make life any easier! I say fuck em! If they wanna fuck me over, i'll fuck them over too... Edit... Here here dugstar... The thing is though some people love to jump on their high horse without thinking about the whole facts... Just cos they can afford things then everybody should too! But anyone with half a brain knows this just isn't true.

snaz272785d ago

see i don't understand why they don't offer every game as a download too, but heavily discount them! I mean they'll save on shipping, boxes, art work, the disc, printing the disc, ect ect... Pass these savings on to the customer! It would also be better for the environment! It's win win win... They could still sell physical copies for the ones that love paying 50 quid per game! But the thing is they want everything their way! Look at the pspgo! I'm so glad that flopped! Imagine if it didn't! You could bet on the ps4 being download only! And no savings passed on to us! Cos they,re greedy!

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Killzone3___2785d ago

online passes fail for us but not for them because they get money from these passes..

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