Plasma Station : Dragon Age II Review

After Bioware released the critically acclaimed game “ Mass Effect 2 “, they quickly needed to release their newest product, Dragon Age II. However with this haste came a very fun, but unorganized and sloppy feeling game, that frankly, did not live up to the expectations that Bioware laid at our feet...

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showtimefolks2809d ago

i never bought the first it was a pc rpg on consoles, pause and play not my thing

in this one its much more action oriented and soon i will get this

demo sold me on the game i wish the story could have been better from every review i have seen they all say the story could have been better

orctowngrot2808d ago

I've read every DA2 reiew I can find and this one stands out as being semi-literate at best. Not meaning to go and attack a revewer's literacy, but sorry simply have to. Sounds very much like middle school level expression.... too many games perhaps and not enough reading of books anyone?