Evil Ryu officially coming to SSF4 Arcade Edition this week

Evil Ryu, whose presence in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was originally leaked out a couple months ago, is finally getting his official debut.

The blue-clad "murderous rage" version of Ryu officially becomes available in Japanese arcades on March 25. Oni-Akuma, the other secret character first touted back in January, is apparently becoming available just a bit later on.

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Emilio_Estevez2553d ago

Why wasn't he there at launch?

monkpunk12553d ago

ok, ok Capcom how much are you going to be charging us then?

T3MPL3TON 2552d ago

I swear to God, if they charge that much for basically a skin swap, for Ryu.

My hate, they will receive all of it.

NoBias2552d ago

I agree 100%

But it also just isn't a skin swap. Oni and Evil Ryu's move sets are tweaked just a bit. And their Ultras are different as well.

... Their ultras are sick a f***...

kornbeaner2552d ago

This is for arcade edition. All arcade owners need to do is enter a password to unlock them. They were unlocked for a bit but capcom demanded them re-locked after leaked gameplay footage hit youtube. Google it you can probably still find some.