DICE - As Lazy as the Competition

Karl-Magnus Troedsson, General Manager of DICE, called developers of competing FPS games ‘lazy' in an interview with Official Playstation Magazine. The pot, it appears, has called the kettle black.

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Wardog13682588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

He says this like battlefield didn't exist before Call of Duty. Saying they are similar, I can agree to a point but in reality they are very different games. I think it's just the perception that devs are lazy that will keep this author from enjoying what should otherwise be a very different feeling shooter than what we are used to.

Hanif-8762588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

This article is a complete waste of time. I wouldn't bother reading it if your sanity has any value to you.

RedDead2587d ago

Reads first 3 paragraphs... http://btx3.files.wordpress...

Really though, Cod and BF don't feel the same at all, the Author of this article has a hard time differentiating(spelling error?) between FPS at all if he thinks these are the same.

And I don't understand, why is everything the same as Cod? Cod wasn't the first shooter out for christ sake.

Oldman1002587d ago

Id have to agree with the author in terms of recent shooters not being unique and innovative enough. Too many game play aspects are being borrowed from call of duty. The "X" hitmarkers, lack of recoil, lack of a fire-rate selector, no encouragement of ammo conservation/ bullets feeling unimportant and limitless.

Id like to see more shooters where getting shot in a certain area affects character movement/stamina and game play. For example getting shot in the leg will make your character limp, preventing you from sprinting and slowing character movement. Getting shot in the arm will affect weapon handling and accuracy, etc.

Developers need to start stepping their game up.

PENGUINKK2587d ago

That's what Arma and Operation Flashpoint are for. There's only a certain amount of realism you can apply before it starts alienating players.

CoD is clearly an arcade shooter, and I feel that the Battlefield series offers more on the strategic side. And then there are the military sims, which probably have what you're looking for. But honestly, I already get annoyed enough when I have to run two minutes to get anywhere in Battlefield 2, so I don't think it needs any more "realistic" features, like making me run even slower if I get shot.

KeiserSosay47882587d ago

I believe Red Orchestra has some of that limb damage you speak of...haven't played much though.

OT: COD, to me, seemed like a micheal bay war movie with all the hollywood moments, whereas the bf series is more reminiscent of a real warzone.

BabyTownFrolics2587d ago

if you dont see the game you want then go make the game you want

learn the tools of the trade and try to do better

BeastlyRig2587d ago

"DICE are every bit as lazy as Activision, Infinity Ward and Treyarch, if not more so. They’ve essentially been making the graphics better without enhancing the core gameplay in any real way. Battlefield 3 is just tweaking, from all DICE have said"

Some how I get the feeling the writer thinks BF3 will be like bfbc2 or something when it's more like tweaking & improving on Bf2.. It is not like bad company!!

TheShow012587d ago

and how much gameplay did he see .... seems like he's got it all figured out and the game is months away. He should shut the fuck up ...

BeastlyRig2587d ago

true it seems like he played it alreasdy!

whydoyouask2587d ago

I kind of get what the author is saying...sure the Frostbite 2.0 engine looks amazing, but i doubt it will ad anything game-play wise.

I'm just waiting for them to say that their new destructive environments will allow more tactical battles, which is something that has been said ever since BLACK and has never actually come to fruition.

Hopefully they will break the mode, but the game-play we've seen so far hasn't been shown that.

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