Top 10 Resident Evil Games

Thiskid writes: "Resident Evil games have been scaring kids, adult and granparents all over the world for over 10 years, so we here at decided to count down the 10 greatest Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil began life in 1996 when it got its world wide release, needless to say it was a success, and is now considered the beginning of one of Capcom’s most profitable titles."

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malyn2589d ago

RESIDENT EVIL 5 shouldnt be on the list cuz it,s action game and stupid story wesker died like any villain

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Eyeco2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

RE5 was garbage it was just a carbon clone copy from 4 , seriously the level design is almost identical

jony_dols2589d ago

Except Resi 4 had a superior storyline, a more foreboding atmosphere, better boss battles and it had the friggin Merchant!

CaptainGreece2589d ago

Chris was so cool in Resident Evil 1 and Code Veronica. He wasn't bad in Resident Evil 5 but he wasn't cool.

BABY-JEDI2589d ago

I thought Resi 5 was a comedy. I also think Resi 0 is way underated on the list. Finally for me Resi 1 is the best as it is the original survival horror & playing it for the first time was an amazing experience (remake is excellent) that hasn't been quite recaptured

the_best_player2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Resident Evil 5 was a really bad Resident Evil game :(

I had more fun with
Resident Evil : Darkside Chronicles

No_Pantaloons2589d ago

hmm, didn't know wesker died :/

I've played almost all the RE's, I remember watching my friends start up RE1 in his attic after how cool he told me it was, and I got hooked after that.
RE5 is the only one I still haven't played, was waiting for the "gold addition", but then never really got around to buying it, just doesn't grab my attention anymore.

Even though I loved RE4 after I beat it, looking back on the story and such, I think it may have turned a corner that hurt the series in the long run.

Galaxia2589d ago

Is this list a Joke?

RE Gaiden and Survivor are some of the worst games made. Seriously 1-2/10 stuff. He put them higher than RE0 and Outbreak. Someone is trolling here. Where is Remake as well? But the biggest disappointment of 2009, RE5 is on here?

Personally my top RE games list is like this.

1. RE3: Nemesis.
2. REmake.
3. RE Outbreaks.
4. RE1.
5. RE2.
6. RE0.
7. RE4
8. Umbrella Chronicles.

All of those games were brilliant, those were the good RE titles. The rest are meh or crap.

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Ahasverus2589d ago

Funny list, it names some games in the ranking and bashes them in the description lol

matt_hooper2589d ago

The original Resident Evil remade on the cube, then part 4. Two best RE of all time.

SuperLupe2589d ago

The RE ramake was incredible.

Umbrella Corp2589d ago

I miss the real Resident Evil games.Where Umbrella Corp and Raccoon City were the setting and fixed cameras gave the creeper point of view and lets not forget the actual zombies.

n4f2589d ago

yeah not african or mexican infected alien virus! i want some zombies and survivor horor

Umbrella Corp2589d ago

Japanese companies are taking western approaches towards franchises and I dislike it ALOT.Less action more survival horror.

MEGANE2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

mexican!!! u mean resident evil 4!...that was spain not mexico u retard...not everyone that speak spanish is mexican....i can see u trash talking on a COD lobby when u hear someone speaking in spanish!

YoungKingDoran2589d ago

chill out, too much tequila for you mr mexican.

sam22362589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

"Resident Evil 1
Main: Gamecube
Other console: Playstation One, Sega Saturn"

RE1 on the Cube was a REMAKE and the Saturn version was a PORT. The main version was on the PS1.

"Resident Evil 3
Main: Dreamcast
Other: PlayStation One"

Dreamcast version was a port and the PS1 version was, again, the main version.

Also, having RE4, 5, Survivor and Gaiden on a 'Top 10' list?! These idiots haven't a fucking clue what they're talking about.

EDIT: '' ;

Well, that explains everything.

beckyyy2589d ago

Idiot, Main refers to the game version rated in the top 10. Other version refers to other consoles you can play a version of the game. Not once did the article refer tot he main game as the original port.

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