"Bulletstorm" Had Extra Dialog After the Credits In Case You Missed It

There was extra dialog after the credits of "Bulletstorm" setting up a potential sequel. Check out full details and spoilers after the jump if you skipped the credits.

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hellzsupernova2654d ago

not really a surprise any game that makes enough money will get a sequal

ThatIrishGamer2654d ago

With dialogue like "kill your dick" it's a shame it had any dialogue at all.

trainsinrdr2654d ago

the demo sucked so im gonna judge the whole game on it and say it sucks go on disagree i couldnt care

Cajun Chicken2654d ago

I heard it and I look forward to what happens next.

GuruStarr782654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I loved this game. And I never used the L word when I'm talking about an FPS!

This game is so different and the differences make it fun!

I'm going to play through it again on a higher difficulty after I finish Dragon Age II.

And yeah, I already heard that part after the credits, although, I thought I just hit the button and it took me straight to that without having to wait for the credits to completely roll.

Cajun Chicken2654d ago

Oh yeah, I'm playing it through Hard now too! I hadn't done that after completing an game in normal mode since EDF2017 and before that Serious Sam. So many things do such as finding the newsbots, shooting the swarms and drinking or shooting the 'nom juice'. I've also only got half of the campaign skillshots, not even started the other modes.