Polyphony Digital Employees Unharmed by Japanese Earthquakes

GTPlanet: As you’ve probably heard by now, Japan was rocked by a large earthquake and tsunami early this morning. Understandably, I’ve received questions from many other fans concerned about the safety of Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital.

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MidnytRain2417d ago

Disagreers: "No! We wanted these people to die! Waaahh!"

irepbtown2417d ago

I wonder,
So many people have died in Japan, who is one top when it comes to evac, Earthquake, Tsunami warning etc, Imagine if it happened to another country? One person is already reported dead after the Tsunami hit Indonesia.

Just to give the people who have no clue an Idea, 10,000 people are missing in ONE town alone.

livinwitbias2417d ago

What about other people in Japan? Are they okay or do we only care about fcking Polyphony Digital Employees?

squallheart2417d ago

You do realize this is gaming site and they are just reporting that a gaming studios employees are safe right? Your comment is the biggest face palm, other articles on this site are reporting situations from different parts of japan but you didnt bother looking did u? Talk about drama queen. I have been following on yokosonews

MidnytRain2417d ago

This is a gaming website. If an article was submitted that read "Many Survivors Found Unharmed by Japanese Earthquakes", it wouldn't be relevant to this site at all. It wouldn't have anything to do with gaming and probably wouldn't be approved, nor should it.

livinwitbias2415d ago

There are other developers in Japan, why only mention PD employees? Oh I get it, they made GT5 which means this article should be defended and thus making it revelant.

squallheart...Blow me!

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Commander_TK2417d ago

What about the other people? They're humans too.

bunfighterii2417d ago

Thoughts are with everyone affected... donate at or your localised red cross site.

Prcko2417d ago

now continiue work on gt6!!!

YourFlyness2417d ago

hopefully Capcom proposed DLC stockpile was destroyed, and now the have to include it in future games.

Prototype2417d ago

I'd rather Wada from SE so they can go back to what they used to make - games.

Although Scamcom getting hit is also nice :D

Klepto2417d ago

Over 1000 people are dead and all you can care about is Capcom and DLC.

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