Banned in Europe: What Can Sony Do?

If LG manages to extend the embargo of Blu-Ray devices in Europe, what options will Sony have with the PlayStation 3? Jordan Lund ponders the company's alternatives.

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Balt 2842d ago

I call propaganda -- Sony and LG are probably working hand in hand on this one. Sony wants to get rid of these "hack" friendly devices, LG can no doubt use some of the parts, like the bdr drives, and BAM! Deal is done.

Sony ushers in new hardware around May, looks just like the current ones -- They say they've reached and agreement, everyone is happy -- They both win.

This is a ploy.

BDSE2842d ago

I call you smoking pot.

kaozgamer2841d ago

looolololololol. good one, that guys definitely drunk

Panzerkanzler2841d ago

The article is one of the dumbest pieces I've read here this week. That says a lot on n4g!

Clarence2841d ago

I agree. Sony will not get rid blu-ray.