GDC 11: inFamous 2 Public Beta Starting Next Month

In addition to the user-integrated levels that Sucker Punch announced today, a beta is coming this April for fans of the game.

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ShadyDevil2843d ago

User Generated content and a beta for an open world sandbox game? Are they slowly turning this into LBP or an MMO?

blitz06232843d ago

As long as the single player mode isn't affected I'm all for it. It just adds longevity to the game which is good IMO.

Pixelated_Army2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

[email protected] Rage

Dude I'm so happy I bought a PS3!! :D Sucker Punch! I LOVE YOU! InFamous 2 is a DAY 1 buy!!! omg-omg-omg.


PRHB HYBRiiD2843d ago

@pixel u need to smoke some weed dude....calm down

Pixelated_Army2843d ago

lol bu...bu..but it's so awesome! OK I'll try and tone it down a bit..but just a bit.

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MightyMark4272843d ago

I don't mind. As long as it offers a lot of replayability!

Baba19062843d ago

sounds fishy. is this somehow conected to 1. of April?

2fk2843d ago

so many betas this year..i love it....and i already know this game is going to be amazing...probably 10x better than the 1st

silkrevolver2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

So it’s single player... but you get to play other people’s levels? Well... that’s exciting. I guess they would have to test out the system with a beta in order to make it stable.

mrv3212843d ago


This could be great.

mushroomwig2843d ago

Co-op wouldn't work for Infamous, the story is about one man.

mrv3212843d ago

inFamous 2, is about you tagteaming with


Imagine in CO-OP where you cole, could cause a tornado like the first and you co-op buddy hitting it with an Ice-blast causing a Ice tornado for more damage/better effects.

Daver2843d ago

I agree, that could be sweet!

Toman852843d ago

Nice, if it going to be a PS Plus exclusive then I must renew it right away ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.