Incredible Killzone 3 & PS Move Sharpshooter Bundle $80

This is probably the best deal you can get for the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter and Killzone 3 bundle. The Sharpshooter alone is about $40 and the game is $59.99 so for only $80 with free shipping you can’t go wrong.

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AAACE52768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Hell of a deal!

norman292768d ago

Dont know if they ship to the UK but thats only £50 :O

Redman222768d ago

Fuck! My KZ3 order is already on it's way.

OllieBoy2768d ago

Hmm, I don't know. Wait, free shipping?


krouse932768d ago

I would get it but I'm already purchasing the collectors edition.

Bathyj2768d ago

Soon as I get it, I'm gonna do like Mick Jagger says and Paint it Black.

El-Fenemeno12132768d ago

O.O!!! Amazing deal, but I don't know if they would ship it to my dorm XO.

eggbert2768d ago

Never heard of meijir before.

Damned good deal though.

cochise3132768d ago

Meijer is a store cahin up not, it's like target.

DlocDaBudSmoka2768d ago

meijer is not like target. meijer is 35 stores in one. at least that the BS they feed us. Meijer stores are more like super walmart. big ass store with just about everything u could need. food/clothing/entertainment/et c

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