Is banning hackers the right solution?

The Sony against hackers war is very much alive and we have left to be wondering who is really winning it at this point. Last week Sony announced in their forums that they would start banning hackers from their Playstation Network but this week we have learned that hackers have developed a way to un-ban themselves and what is worst, they could use information from legitimate users to get them banned.

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LordMarius2829d ago

Why is this even a question?

"we have learned that hackers have developed a way to un-ban themselves and what is worst, they could use information from legitimate users to get them banned."

And that was proven false

Dante1122829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

*Nintendo bans hackers*

"Oh well..."

*Microsoft bans hackers*

"Oh well..."

*Sony bans hackers*

~spits out Mountain Dew~ "...Wait, WHAT?!?! WHY? Was that necessary?"

Edit: Kickarss, that unban/ban thing was proven to just be a theory a hacker had in the very first article on it. That's why psxscene and ps3hax took it down.


ChristianGamer2828d ago

Actually Microsoft bans hackers and the world turns against them and calls them greedy and people want to sue and everybody on the internet is on their side. Remember that lil debacle? Yeah so can it with the sony conspiracies

NewMonday2828d ago

If I remember correctly, MS was accused of using the ban to increase hardware sales just before the release of MW2. The fuss wasn't about their right to ban, which was fair game.

FailOverHero2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Exactly, they were ACCUSED. It was a huge debate. But when Sony does it nobody is allowed to accuse them or debate and we somehow forget about MS banning debacle and claim that when they do it nobody says a thing. Just look at the comment above, completly neglects that when ms does it, it was a massive scandal. PS3 fanboys like to forget facts that do not support their conspiracy theory agenda
Microsoft were banning PIRATES, which is a GREAT thing and STILL they were gunned at! That's like crying foul when speed cops set up speed traps!

NewMonday2828d ago

Im getting confused, are we talking about pirates or hackers now?

ComboBreaker2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Is it? Come on! Give me an answer here!

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kickarss2829d ago

We don't question the fact that Sony should do whatever is necessary to protect themselves and their game developers, we are just saying that if done incorrectly, it could cause more harm than good. Please read the whole article and not just the intro

beavis4play2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i did read your story and several things jumped out that i'd like to bring up for a response. i'm just curious -
1. do you really believe that hackers can easily spoof legit accounts? from all of the info i've read it seems to be VERY difficult/if not impossible. it seems hackers would say this (even though they can't actually do it) as an attempt to make sony hesitate or stop the bans entirely. if someone is banned,i'm SURE they'll cry about doing nothing wrong.....hackers/pirates are an amusing bunch: they talk tough sitting alone with their equipment but when they're exposed and punished? they squeal like little babies. the article you said this: "Sony may well have a list of "suspect" consoles, but arbitrarily suspending PSN access without a proof of sustained usage would be an over-reaction. As a knock-on effect, it would obviously stop these people spending money in the PlayStation Store." - i disagree with this statement. most ps3 owners are decent people who want to play legally bought games and movies...go online....etc....etc. i don't care if it's short-term or sustained usage - bans have to occur. if they have proof - ban the console. and as far as sony gathering info? i'm sure the majority of legit users feel as i: they can moniter my account all they want. they can look at ANY info i have on my ps3. since i have NOTHING to hide - it means nothing to me. only the people who are doing something illegal/improper would be worried. and these people being banned are the ones who would NOT be buying things off of psn - they're the ones who would be working on STEALING off of psn. you don't even consider this in you article.

just some thoughts i had.

kickarss2828d ago

Your points are very valid. Let me respond to this:
1 - At this point nobody knows if spoofing accounts is possible or not. However, Sony already sent official statements threatening people to ban them from the PSN, yet I am still waiting on a massive ban, and people with hacked consoles are still playing online. What leads me to think either Sony has all the information they need and are just waiting to have legal proof that your console is hacked and you have been on PSN to actually have a massive ban (which is a good thing!), or they can't really track hackers because hacked consoles can pose as legit users. This is why the spoofing argument was used in this article.
2 - I think you misunderstood what I wanted to say here. I was just mentioning that if Sony bans legitimate users in error, the trust that those legitimate users had on Sony and PSN will be gone and ultimately Sony will be hurt by this, since legitimate users will no longer be willing to spend money on Sony and PSN products.

beavis4play2828d ago

thanks for the reply!
i can only go by articles i read online - and i've been reading about people being banned from psn. sony could try and take the high road and announce (a few days before) that the massive banhammer is about to drop and give those who are doing the illegal stuff a chance to stop. however - when it comes down to it - the bottom line for me is to ban them however possible. i think all of this crap that hackers are doing is unnecessary as far as having an enjoyable experience with the system.
to those who say otherwise? i'd ask them why they don't develop their own hardware to manipulate instead of leeching off someone elses ability.
as far as #2 - i can see what you're saying. someone being punished for something that they didn't do is NEVER a good thing. in a way - those legit users should be just as (if not more) angry at the hackers - they're the ones who've created this mess. hopefully sony gets it straightened out and under control.

Silly gameAr2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Haven't we been through this? That hacker baning/unbanning thing was bull. A hacker and his wishful thinking.

On a positive note, some friends tell me MW2 is a lot better online since the bans. I don't play it, but I'm happy for them because that's all they play.

Let's ask them if banning was the right move.

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