Guinness' Top 50 Video Game Characters List Is A Mess

Complex: Mario as No. 1? No surprise there. Judging from this list, it looks like the mid ’80s-late 90's was the golden age of video game icons. But seriously, Altair? Jak? LEISURE SUIT LARRY? Meanwhile, no Luigi? No Albert Wesker? No one—NO ONE—from Team Fortress 2? That's it, we're calling shenanigans. Leave the lists to us, Guinness, and stick to beer. What? That's not you guys? Ah. Well, tell them to keep it up! Great beer.

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GodofSackboy2829d ago

I finished MGS4 this morning for the first time, immediately changed my avatar, and now realise that Solid Snake is the greatest character of all time.

Seriously, I finished the game, and looked at my other games on the floor. There were games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Littlebigplanet 2 and Killzone 2, and just thought "How can you even dare to exist in the same world as MGS"

I mean, those other games are like some of the best games ever, what with Uncharted winning 150+ GOTYs etc, but to think they even come within 1 billion miles of MGS is ridiculous.

MGS4 IS the greatest game of all time.

Yes_22829d ago

Sure, if you like nonsensical plots, overly long cutscenes and games that have no editors.

Don't get me wrong, I liked MGS4. But I would have liked it a whole lot better if the cutscenes had been shortened and all the irrelevant or repetitive information cut out. I didn't need to sit through Sunny cooking eggs for the millionth time or Otacon repeating the same discussion to Snake for the billionth. (And this is coming from someone who has sat through some of the most tediously long cutscenes in Japanese RPGs.)

Give me a game like Uncharted any day. It might not be as "deep" as MGS4 is, but it can tell a better story in a lot less words and confusion.

BluePumpkin72829d ago

comparing uncharted to mgs is STUPID!
they share one element they're both third person THAT'S IT!!
uncharted is non-stop action and big hollywood style game
metal gear solid is a story driven game and it has a deep slow paced story
and don't get me started on the gameplay they're two ENTIRELY different games

shaundbstn2829d ago

Um, where are the characters that actually matter in videogames/videogames that actually mattered? Most of the list was common sense, but what? Leisure Suit Larry? People actually liked that game? Simon Belmont and Alucard Tepes from the Castlevania series. Ken, Akuma, Guile, Chun-LI? Come on, guys. I would've added the Big Daddy, too!