7.0 Stacking Review"

Tim Schafer just might be one of my favorite game designers of all time. He has graced us with titles that are simply amazing and his company, Double Fine, is continuing to produce new and innovative titles. Brutal Legend, Psychonauts and Costume Quest are among some of his most recent games and who can forget one of my favorites of all time, Full Throttle. Well, Double Fine is making the rounds and they have a new game for us called Stacking, a puzzle game using the traditional Russian stacking dolls as the characters. It's an interested and unique game to be sure, but how does it "stack up" against other downloadable titles?

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mephman2412d ago

A fun little game, but rather on the short side.

Sanrin2412d ago

It's because it's a game about nesting dolls! It can only get shorter the more you play with it!

JDouglasGU2412d ago

it's enjoyable for the first few hours, but I'd have preferred more direction in the puzzle solving.

ShawnCollier2412d ago

Sounds like the game "stacks" up well.

Hardedge2412d ago

Sounds like a fun puzzle game, sad to say, I'll probably never get it.