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It can be easily be blown through in less than 2 hours, and so it primarily benefits people who enjoy finding secrets, solving puzzles, getting every last collectible to find, and acquiring the elusive S rankings, which will take much longer.

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GLoRyKnoT2864d ago

Gaming is not about money it's a lifestyle.

Figboy2864d ago

2 hours? I've been playing the game since it's release on Tuesday, and I spend, at the least, 30 minutes per level, not to mention replaying levels once I've acquired new abilities to unlock everything.

The point of the game is to find the secrets so you can level up and become even more powerful, allowing you to find MORE secrets/tricks, etc.

I just finished planet 2, which has 4 stages per planet, so 8 stages. Each stage taking me anywhere from 15-30 minutes to complete (depending on how thorough I am.

This tendency for game reviewers to blow through titles is really disappointing.

I think Explodemon is an incredible game, with lots of replayability, especially if you are a fan of old school Mega Man style games.

My playtime on my last level (level 2-4, of you want to break it up that way), was about 45 minutes because it was HARD.

I think the reviewer is being a bit harsh on an incredibly polished and enjoyable platformer, where how much time you spend with it is, pretty much, how much effort you put into it.

If you want to just blow through it and get to the end, you can, but you are rewarded for being diligent and collecting all of the power ups, which really makes your time with the game more enjoyable.

I just got my second permanent explosion meter power-up, so now my recharge time is much faster, and I'm able to do more, faster, than I would have otherwise.

But hey, it's only his opinion, I just think the time complaint is unfounded. If Explodemon was $15, I'd totally be in his corner, but $9.99 is a fair price for what's included in the game.

GLoRyKnoT2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

It's all about the fun you are having - not an opinion/review.

The IGN review said 4 hours & still doesn't matter. Enjoy :)

sashimi2864d ago

Well reviews nowdays isn't about playing the game and being able to describe and explain the game in question but just going from point A-B. When reveiws say that completed a game in a certain amount of time i usually add more time to total gameplay since its all about who gets their reviews out first instead of releasing informative reviews.

Figboy2864d ago

@sashimi: ain't that the truth. I don't pay much attention to reviews for my own personal use. I mostly just read them to see how far the gaming media has fallen this generation.

It's more depressing than informative. PlayStation Lifestyle is pretty good at reviews, though. This is the first time I think I've ever disagreed with a reviewer from this site.