Duke Nukem Isn’t A Big Fan of Halo’s Spartan Armor

Duke Nukem Forever, like the Duke Nukems before it, is a game packed with references. References to movies, references to news and, yes, reference to other video games.

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Mista T2377d ago

hahahaha, just like when doom guy was referenced in duke nukem 3d, :P he said
"that's one doomed space marine"

here he says, "power armor is for pussies" haha

mightyboot2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

The gaming industry wouldn't be the same without Duke Nukem.

Nowdays the gaming industry takes itself to seriously sometimes, im glad that DNF is here to make an "readjustment".

FinalSpartan2377d ago

Lol thats funny, Duke Nuken is classic, Nice Halo reference.

Snake Raiser2377d ago

We need more references in video games. MGS does it well, Duke does everything well, but not too many others have got the skill to pull off interesting, funny references.

darthv722376d ago

halo to the king baby.


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Kran2377d ago

Im sure there was a post on this yesterday.

K3nji2377d ago

There's only one king and that's "Ash"

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TheBand1t2377d ago

references alone make duke nukem fun to play