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Submitted by annexation 1826d ago | opinion piece

Is Square-Enix Relevant Anymore? A Final Fantasy Discussion

With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the series' devout were left scratching their heads, wondering "Why?" Is Square-Enix irreparably out of touch with their fanbase? (Culture, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

VersusEM  +   1826d ago
I like Final Fantasy XIII
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gorebago  +   1826d ago
Me too - people forget how to have fun
crxss  +   1825d ago
SE's only problem that i can see is how long it takes them to release there games after they're announced. FF Versus XIII was announced in 2006...
Istanbull  +   1825d ago
Square Enix is not relevant anymore. After years of waiting for the failed FF13 and still waiting for FFversus13, I turned my back on them.

There are much better J-rpg makers: Level 5, Atlus, the "Tales of" developpers.

While in the abscence of a Final Fantasy game when SE was releasing a bad game after another bad game on their beloved 360, I found games like Shin Megami Tensei, White Knight Chronicles or Tales of games to exist!
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Pozzle  +   1822d ago
It's hard to have fun when the game feels like a chore to complete.

I didn't go into the game expecting it to be bad. I actually defended it before it's release and thought the negativity surrounding it was overblown.
But when it finally came out and I got my hands on a copy of the game, I was disappointed. It was so....boring to play. It's as though Square Enix got all the elements to make an RPG together...but forgot to add the 'fun'. Did anyone on the team actually play through the game? Because walking through endless corridoors, fighting the same types of monsters over and over, having a battle system that fights for you, etc. isn't fun.
gorebago  +   1822d ago
such passion pazzle - i love it

Saga Kin   1825d ago | Spam
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1825d ago
yes they are still relevant you wanna know what the real problem is the only problem i see is that people now a days seem to think that
square-enix only = final fantasy which isn't the case
Masterchef2007  +   1825d ago
I just bought it for the PS3. Its extremely linear but its fun. However when we are talking about active combat systems my fav has got to be X2. BTW my fav FF game was 9. I shall never forget that funny little knight who was my fav character in a FF game.
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gorebago  +   1825d ago
I watched alot of anime growing up and this game reminded me of one so that's why I liked it.

plus the battle engine was pretty cool.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1826d ago
As long as ppl are still talking about them theyre relevant.

:O So that means the mere fact that you wrote the article means they are. Way to answer your own question.
Close_Second  +   1825d ago
I never got into the FF series. Just don't like the style of play.
earbus  +   1825d ago
They are relevant to me as they own eidos and they make battlestations pacific game of joy as for the other stuff project sylpheed rocked but im no ff fan.
RedPawn  +   1825d ago

Godmars290  +   1825d ago
Thought the argument was weather or not JRPGs were relevant in Western markets anymore. In that regard, at least on HD consoles, Square did have that ball and they dropped it.
RedPawn  +   1825d ago

All the games that have had sequel, conclusion, spin-off whatever ittus, means the stuff is not going away.

WHO gives a rat-ass what you or I like honestly, somebody is obviously buying these games.

I swear it's like eating your own poop, and having the nerve to complain you ate your own shit.

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xGrunty  +   1825d ago
Let's forget that Square Enix makes other games..

rataranian  +   1825d ago
Vesemir  +   1825d ago
From what I have seen so far from FF Vs XIII, yes, SE still relevant. That game will set a new standard for jrpgs.
JoshuaN4G  +   1825d ago
They will be if they stop fucking around and make Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PS3.
JoelEH  +   1825d ago
SE sucks balls!!!' FF13 sucked balls!!!! F*** FF13!!! and all the girly m***a F***as that liked it.
Son_Lee  +   1825d ago
Yes, SE is still relevant, even if they don't make good games. Why? Because their games sell. Why is this important? They make RPGs J-RPGs to be more specific. As long as Square is around, more RPGs will sell in a time where shooters are the second coming of Christ. And I happen to have loved Final Fantasy XIII. FFXIII-2 promises to be more non-linear (it takes place in Pulse, and without the government chasing all the l'Cie). Also, FF Versus XIII looks to be the best game this gen. So, unless Square Enix goes bankrupt, I don't see how they aren't relevant.
palaeomerus  +   1825d ago
FF XIII sold 7.2 million units on two consoles in three ragions despite some so-so and angry reviews. So yes, there is a market for a sequel, and no matter how much whining happens SE are still relevant. In fact, so far they have been shown to be more "relevant" than Guerilla Games, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Insomniac are.
Stealth20k  +   1825d ago
they are as relevant as any company

what isnt relevant is this article
maverick40  +   1825d ago
he makes some solid points, but give them this chance to redeem the ff13 world. It is an amazing world but they just made a mess of describing it at all. The game was too pretentious for me. Lightning was a cool character and sazh was a hero, the rest were forgettable.
anasurimbor  +   1825d ago
I went into FFXIII unbiased, with a little anticipation, hoping for good things. What I got was... well... very underwhelming to say the least. I may not think it's the damnable abomination that the general fanbase seems to think, but I certainly don't think such an ill-received game warrants it's own sequel. He makes some interesting points.

Oh well, at least Square is giving us FF4 Complete next month. I think FF4 is their truest masterpiece.
midgard227  +   1825d ago
just cuz ff12 and 13 sucked out of the tons of ff games doesnt mean the series sux, its 2 games out of the main series that sucked and people are complaining.

FF versus 13 will shut people up
Coolmanrico  +   1825d ago
As long as they makeing money they are relevant.

I can't help but laugh at some of these articles and people reaction to FF XIII-2. So because you and others didn't like the game, Square don't suppose to make a sequel for everyone else who liked the game.
Edito  +   1825d ago
Square and Final is irrelevant now...
helghast102  +   1825d ago
Yup, still relevant.
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