Euro Xbox Video Marketplace Coming "Soon"

Microsoft has reiterated its plans to launch its Xbox 360 Video Marketplace service in Europe before Christmas. Speaking to CVG, Microsoft's Xbox Live product manager Robin Burrows said that Video Marketplace will be available in Europe and the UK "soon" and that the firm is currently in talks with many major publishers with regards to content for the HD rental on demand service. Standard definition content will also be available.

Burrows added that some announcements about the service could be made in the near future and that the service will be live before Christmas.

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Munky3736d ago

Wonder when we are going to get in it Canada.

socomnick3735d ago

I think Canada is getting it earlier than Europe m8.
When it does I hope you enjoy it man its pretty cool.

richie007bond3735d ago

All i can say,is about bloody time TO..Video market place is an awesome feature which i will use foe watching HD movies on,beats having to walk to the video store or wait for the post,cant come quick enought.....