Autistic 11 Year Old Banned from XBL, Mum Cries Discrimination, Cheating Discovered

RipTen: Websites the world over took up arms late last week over the sad tale of an 11 year old autistic boy being banned from Xbox Live and being labeled a cheater. .

Today however, it’s been reported that the kid did in fact “unintentionally” take part in gamerscore-modding and here’s the response from MS’s Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse…

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Drjft2871d ago

Cheating is still cheating. That being said I don't think he actually realized he was cheating.

CrzyFooL2871d ago

He clearly didn't know. It's not Microsoft's fault - rules are rules. I still feel bad for the kid tho.

UnSelf2871d ago

that banhammer knows no bounds. when it swings it doesnt discriminate

DaCajun2871d ago

I laughed my a$$ off at the part about that they said Microsoft gave them a free month of online to use with a new account/gamertag. WTF that is normal for anyone who sets up a new account even on an Xbox 360 with existing accounts. I do it when there is an 360 online game I really want to play, just create a new e-mail and then new account/gamertag for a free month of gold. I could care less about achievements.

How the hell is that anything special or out of the ordinary on Microsofts part when it is the same for anyone making a new account?

jadenkorri2871d ago

Ignorance of the law/policy/you name it is not a valid excuse.

StanLee2870d ago

I know the boy is autistic but he had to have known it was cheating. He made a conscious decision to attain achievements he didn't earn. He's a high functioning autistic so he has to have been aware that he was doing something wrong.

HolyOrangeCows2870d ago

"His only friend because of autism"


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ChristianGamer2871d ago ShowReplies(1)
jaredhart2871d ago

when you cheat there is always a possible price to pay.

-Mezzo-2871d ago

Ahh, cheating, i love it, in tests that is, not in game, i believe that whats the point in spending so much money on game, if your just going to cheat at them & not have the Fun of competition.

rajman2871d ago

At -2.08 of the video the kid is playing that 50 Cent game, which is rated 18+ and the kid is only 11yrs old, why is that mum buying her son games he is underage for? She should be in trouble for that to

Marked2871d ago

like anything else in life.... double standards

hellzsupernova2871d ago

good get ride of cheaters i dont care if they are disabled or not its ruining the game for everyone who plays fair

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The story is too old to be commented.