Bomberman Land-s on Wii, PSP, Touch! 2 on the DS

First revealed during the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Hudson's Bomberman Land on the Wii has apparently been stockpiling its arsenal on the down low. However, Hudson today has announced that not only will its charmingly disarming demolitions experts be ready to wage war this January, but they will march alongside a PlayStation Portable version of the game as well as Bomberman Land Touch! 2 on the Nintendo DS.

Similar to 2006's Bomberman Land Touch! on the DS, Bomberman Land on the Wii and PSP and Touch! 2 on the DS will ship out with more than just the classic multiplayer battle mode. In the minigame mode, players must avoid blowing themselves up in 50 different situations for the Wii and PSP game and 40 in the DS sequel.

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