GameDaily BIZ: BioShockingly Successful

With almost 500,000 units sold on the Xbox 360 during its first month of release, BioShock is already considered one of Take-Two's top franchises. GameDaily speaks with 2k Games' Director of Marketing Tom Bass about how everything fell perfectly into place to create Rapture.

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RadientFlux3868d ago

very well deserved... hopefully Take-Two takes more chances and releases more new IPs

jcgamer3868d ago

I think their next big hit new IP will be Borderlands for PS3/360 fall 2008, followed by L.A. Noire

sajj3163868d ago

Well deserved, although I still think the title doesn't deserve a 10 ... maybe 9.7, but no 10 :)

Take notes Sony, this is how your successfully market a title.