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Hell Descent: We -digitally- sat down with two of the great minds behind Alan Wake. Thanks to the Head of Franchise Development: Oskari Häkkinen, and Creative Director: Sam Lake, we were able to get answers to many of the questions that you the fans had for Remedy. We were able to get info about sequel possibilities, design decisions, and the enigma that is Mr. Scratch. Hit the jump for the full interview!

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Kran2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I honestly agree. I think Alan Wake would have made a boring free-roam world game. It's definitly better when it's the story that takes you to new and exciting places, rather than you already having been there.

hennessey862700d ago

I thought alan wake was perfect the way it was i think open world would have made it a bit tiresome driving point to point, it would have taken away the atmosphere

kissmeimgreek2700d ago

Exactly! Everyone these days wants open world in their games for no reason other than to have it. Free roam would completely kill what Remedy was going for with AW.

QuantumWake2700d ago

Tell that to all those other people who continue to say "dumbed down this", "dumbed down that". -_____-

Anyways, great interview. Alan Wake was definitely an interesting game. A nice collection of twists and turns you come to expect in a psychological thriller.

"In a monologue, you can only fight yourself :)"
-Sam Lake

ic4ruz2700d ago

Thanks for asking for a PC version !

jeeves862699d ago

My heart aches from the lack of a PC version.