Codemasters pulls Colin McRae ad campaign

Publisher moves as a sign of respect.

Codemasters has confirmed to it has pulled a major advertising campaign for the PlayStation 3 version of Colin McRae: DIRT.
The publisher has cancelled the TV campaign as a sign of respect following McRae's death last weekend.

"With consideration to and in agreement with McRae's family, there was a stop put on the TV ads that were planned to run on Sky channels at the weekend and through this week," said a spokesperson for Codemasters.

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DiLeCtioN3778d ago

its funny i aint heard a single news channel mention the guy's death

Chexd3778d ago

it was everywhere in the UK but i guess thats because it was his home nation. :( its sad

skillednutter3778d ago

If it where a member of my family I would want the Ad's to continue as normal but obviously his does not.

PimpHandHappy3778d ago

do they even mention his name in those dirt comercials? I dont think they do.


Its a shame his son died with him. Thats really sad

good ppl die everyday and will continue to die till the end of time.

Lord Anubis3778d ago

how did he passed away? I was not aware of his death.

Vip3r3778d ago

It was a helicopter crash.

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