Mass Effect 2 Graphics Comparison: PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs PC

A video comparing side by side screens of Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Substance1012395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Its not just about the Graphics, while the PC is ahead in terms of graphics due to 1080p, PC also offers the smoothest frame rate. Constant 60fps without dips is very important, both the consoles are running between 25-30fps.

Also worth noting it doesnt require a high end PC to run this max out, an entry level one costing 500usd will do just that.

DualConsoleOwner2394d ago

but i rather sit down and relax when i play.

also, 50 inch plasma is huge plus as well.. not to mention trophies/achievements.

Therefore, i prefer console. And PS3 is the best choice in this case.

not only for this game, but for just in general.

PS3 is the best choice of console because

1. best game line up.
2. Best multimedia.
3. Free online.
4. Near PC graphics on console.

Ranshak2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Its not hard connecting a PC to a plasma, there is this thing called HDMI port which graphics cards have been coming with since the last 3-4 years, Looks just like the one on consoles.

1. Best Game line up is subjective everyone has thier opinion, 95% games are multiplat anyways. Also Consoles are missing 2 very important Generes RTS, MMO.
2. PC has the best multimedia, consoles are only playing catch up.
3. PC has free online, and has features that console gamers would wish for. (still waiting on that cross game chat features?)
4. Sorry but its not near PC graphics on console.

Lastly the PC version of Mass effect 2 was up for sale on steam for 5 usd, now thats the killer. PS3 version is just too expensive. Xbox 360 version also cant be had less then 20usd.

DualConsoleOwner2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

1. when you look at quality games(AAA) titles, about 1/3 of AAA games are EXCLUSIVES
PS3 got MMOs.
2. 50 inch plasma for consoles. how many people do you think has PC hooked up to TV??
3. nice try trolling?? PC doesnt have PSN or XBL. playing SC2 and want to send msg to someone playing MW2?? Lol.
4. sure after investing like a grand. talking console price here.

all those matter very little. PS3 does have better exclusives. and i am using meta and gameranking review scores here.

Every 2 AAA title, there is one AAA exclusive.

and games are whats most important.

Ranshak2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

1. Every platform has its share of AAA exclusives, and no ones stopping anyone from owning multiple platforms. PS3 doesnt have a MMO that can compare to WOW keep trying. Best MMO out theere is WOW.

2. I know a couple of friends who have who have PCs attached to Tvs, however again its an option the PC does offer so you cant write it off as not being available.

3. Actually with steam installed you can cross game chat with any of your buddies regardless of what games they are playing. You need to research before you troll. In fact with Steam i could be playing a game on my PC then pressing Shift tab to type this post, then get back in the game, thats how convienient things are on PC.

4. To outperform consoles you only need a system worth 500usd. a Grand is 2006 pricing when consoles were 600usd. You really need to research current hardware prices, you can get an awesome rig for 500usd, later on Prices on PC games drop darn fast, that easily makes up the price difference between PC and console.

Again no ones stopping you from owning multiple platforms and its subjective on which exclusives you think are better. I personally like uncharted but thats about the only exclusive i like on the PS3, nothing else appeals to me, but thats just me. Most games out today are multiplat.

kaveti66162393d ago

"Its not hard connecting a PC to a plasma"

herp derp yes it is bro. it's so hard to connect a wire to a port, bro. I'd rather sit down on a couch, herp derp.

Why should I search for parts on newegg, bro? I'd rather buy a computer from the HP website bro. If it costs too much that means the PS3 is a better choice, derp.

Ok I'm done.

Kamikaze1352393d ago

1. AAA games are nothing but an opinion of a game. If you think highly of it, it's a AAA game to you. Who's dumb enough to go by Metacritic to call a game AAA game when they haven't tried it out? Nobody

2. He's saying it's easy to do so. VERY easy, in fact. I know a bunch of people with gaming PCs hooked up to a LCD and plasma.

3. PC has Steam. Also, PCs have SOFTWARE! People can use AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Same goes for Macs.

4. NOPE, nice try. It's nowhere near a grand to get better than console graphics on PC. $700 at the very most. Somebody build a PC that maxed out Crysis for $300...saw it on Youtube a few days ago. A grand gives you the sort of graphics you'll see in next gen consoles.

peowpeow2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

While I agree with Ranshak here, notice DualConsoleOwner said "PS3 is the best choice of console because"

Ah well, he is still arguing against the PC though..

MAJ0R2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"near PC graphics on consoles"

too bad u posted that at the end of your post because I could have stopped reading there

StbI9902393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Lol s these guys pushing pc down our throats...WHY would anyone pay double the amount of money only to play games with better graphics? and not to play games that will NEVER see the light of your lightning asshole day? god of war 3 anyone? gear of war 3 anyone? halo 3 anyone? what about forza 4 anyone? GIVE ME A BREAK, OR better yet, break yourselves already over this tiny fact.

COMPARING a customizable RIG to a 5 year olds rig? ok, I will take you guy as joking, since a 5 years old RIG is actually doing what the pc "hence you" does better? games? chat? multimedia? and all that for holy 300 soon to be 250/200 and below GRANDS, compared to a overheating piece of machinery that only cause cancel in the long term LOL.

Yeah, you two, do your research, pc will never become the gaming spotlight, no matter how nuked are these graphics loaded... just for what the like of you already stated.

Mainstream user dont want a lot of wire and crap for simply playing games, they want simplicity, that is why facebook is on the throne homies.

Plus NGP > PC anyday, let alone the ps3.xbox360.wii, and if ever reach to happen, the ps4, xbox 720, will take charge to put people like yourselves in position, bye bye PC trolls.

BattleAxe2393d ago

@ Ranshack

The only problem with you comment, and what DualConsoleOwner is trying to say, is that with PS3 you can sit back with a controller and play ME2. Only the KB/M is supported natively on PC.

-Alpha2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )


You sadly represent the height of common ignorance people have about PC Gaming.

I love how when the FEW times PC gamers come out they are called trolls or shoving down religion. Yet I can't remember the countless times I've heard how superior one console is over the other.

Truth must hurt.

AndrewRyan2393d ago

Ok guys. Just look above me, see the name Stbl990? He is the reason why console owners have a bad rep for being uneducated people who watch fox news.

StbI9902393d ago

Have an agree for the chill mate, but pc gaming doesn't do it for me and won't be doing for the likes of me for a long time.

Lest that the ps4, next xbox become a pc itself.

Lol at the MMO missing on consoles.

RPG > MMO any day homies.

RTS?...yeah time to go out and take some soon light.

fooltheman2393d ago

You do forget that Wow is already 5 years old or older... it's the best mmo because it's so polished...

New MMo's can't give that polish in there years of release...

The real killer2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I have one question for the disagree clickers, can you also arue about it?


PS3 Grafcihs is almost near PC if not the same, the PC has only in edge if we speaking about 1080p resolutions nothing more.

I'm also PC fanatic gamer, but i will make self not blind be act like a fanboy. PC games don't use all the power from the GPU or CPU.

OT: PC is still the better vesrion.

RedDead2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )


If you did any research at all you would realise the best Rpg lineup for this year is on the Pc....

Really, if you wanna try troll the PC. Atleast put some effort into it, your embarrassing all the other gamers here....

imvix2393d ago


You just owned your self. Best RPGS of recent years:

Witcher (PC exclusive)
Oblivision (the game isnt what it is without the mods)
Dragon age (again PC version was the version to play)
Risen (PC version was the best again)
Fall out 3(looks like a different game on PC and all the mods again)
Fall out vegas (same as above)

Upcoming RPGs

Witcher 2 (probably the best RPG of this year PC exclusive)
Dragon Age 2 (again will be best on pc along with the mods).
Dungeon Siege 3
Elder scrolls 5 (if the modding community does to this what they did with oblivion it will be no contest).
Risen 2

PC easily is the best platform for RPGS.

roflcopters2393d ago

"2. 50 inch plasma for consoles. how many people do you think has PC hooked up to TV??"

I do and so do many PC owners i know. just because you have a shitty dell with integrated graphics sitting in your back room doesn't mean everyone else does.

Bhai2393d ago

And PCs are missing the most important genre... "Fighting Games"!!!

Bye PC... Hello there MORTAAAL KOMBAAAT!!!

reynod2393d ago


You mean the countless rehashes of fighting games, I am sure a PC gamer can get his fix from the countless Arcade emulations, PS2 emulations, Snes etc.

I personaly Played Marvel Vs capcom arcade version on PC via Mame.

Even then its not like PC doesnt have Fighting games, we recently got Street fighter 4.

Also no ones stopping you from owning multiple platforms.

Darkfiber2393d ago

Hey guess what, I can sit down and relax in front of my 50 inch TV when I play on my PC, too! Imagine that, you can hook up a computer to a TV. Are you really that ignorant that you don't realize that function exists?

YodaCracker2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

@DualConsoleOwner "all those matter very little. PS3 does have better exclusives. and i am using meta and gameranking review scores here. Every 2 AAA title, there is one AAA exclusive."

I decided to take a look at the highest rated PS3 games on Metacritic to see if you were right. I found that out of the 20 highest rated games, only 4 were exclusives (Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, MGS4, GOW3). That is far less than one exclusive out of every two titles, but 1/5.

I did the same quick experiment for the Xbox 360. I took the top 20 highest rated titles and found that again, only 4 were exclusives (Gears, Halo 3, Gears 2, Forza 3). 1/5 again.

Overall, I found that out of 30 AAA games, the PS3 has 9 exclusives, and out of 35 AAA games, the Xbox 360 had 11 exclusives.

This was all from Metacritic.

Ducky2393d ago

"3. nice try trolling?? PC doesnt have PSN or XBL. playing SC2 and want to send msg to someone playing MW2?? Lol. "

I found that amusing.
Goes to show how much you actually know about PC gaming.

OT: Pointless comparison is pointless. The games runs and looks well on all platforms. I don't get a kick out of knowing I'm getting a slightly better experience than someone else.

hoops2393d ago

"PS3 Grafcihs is almost near PC if not the same, the PC has only in edge if we speaking about 1080p resolutions nothing more."

Real Killer it's not even close. When the PS3 can render HDR in FP above 10/12 (PC's go as high as 128 in game and do not use hacks like NAO32 which consoles use...It's not real HDR) running real AA (not post processing MLAA) using Tessellation (Which the PS3 does not support in hardware at all) then you can talk.
So thats not a EDGE as you claim...stating its only resolution? I just named three MAJOR areas that make PC games look better. Especially tessellation which you can read here what it does as you have no idea what it does.

Ask yourself why textures for the PS3 and Xbox360 for most games are mixed with low and high resolution samples? It's not just resolution that the PC's beat out these aging consoles, it's hardware capabilities as I just mentioned above. And thats just a sample of what these PC's have over consoles in features to make games look better. There are much more. You claim to be a "fanatic" PC gamer...If you WERE then you would KNOW this and would not have commented as you did.

Until then the PS3 like the Xbox360 is not close to the PC in any way shape or form when it comes to graphics....unless they screw up th PC version to keep it on level with the PS and Xbox360.

visualb2393d ago

nice comparisson, but PC will take the cake

oh and I prefer playing on consoles too =)

I don't need to justify it, its a personal preference

I also prefer oranges to apples, just because I do, its a personal preference as well =)

Brewski0072393d ago

Fanboys will come and go, These articles will always appear, Points will be made, people will be mad, keyboards will be battered, Trolls will be slain and nothing will ever change...
The war rages on. . .

mrv3212393d ago

MOST CARDS COME WITH A HDMi port, MOST TV's come with a PC port.

I'd rather play it on my 63 inch plasma at 1080p ;)

jony_dols2393d ago

From my own experience,
The easy to use nature of console gaming provides
a lot less headaches than PC gaming.

I know what I'm getting with the console games,
I don't have worry about my graphics card not being 100% compatible or my game closing down because of a framework or client error of some other bullshit.

The standardisation of consoles, means I put in my disk and I play. Easy.

Nagazi2393d ago

I have to agree with everything Ranshak said, PC is the best way to go. The only reason there's a lack of AAA exclusives compared to consoles is the rampant amount of piracy on PC. I have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 so I can still play those exclusives on both. I much prefer the 360, my ps3 has been collecting dust for months now.

Also, I don't recommend gaming on a plasma screen. Image retention happens far too quickly and takes a long time to get rid of. LCD's are a much better choice for gaming, and I have my PC hooked up to my LCD TV.

PS3 has only a few MMO's, DCUO being the first one to come out in years. And with BioWare's next big game, The Old Republic, coming out in a few months, the only way to enjoy that experience is on PC. And I guarantee TOR is going to be one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. The budget is 300 million after all.

Ares84PS32393d ago

When it comes to graphics PC will always win. It always has better/newer hardware than the consoles and you can connect your PC to your HDTV was well.

However it takes much too long to find optimal settings for each game that you want to play and PC gaming is a hassles sometimes as opposed to console gaming which just requires you to insert the disc and ready to go.

I'm not sure what kind of PC would be needed to run this game on max since I haven't chacked the requirements but I know this; I got a brand spanking new PC when Crysis came out. I paid $1500 just for the PC itself. Not counting the monitor, keyboard/mouse, speakers, etc.

I think everyone should buy this game for the system they feel the most comfortable with. For me it's the PS3 and I'm happy with that.

What PC guys don't want to understand is not everyone loves to play around with settings for hours and tweek graphics cards, mother boards and other stuff in order to maximize performance. Not everyone has the patiance for that kind of stuff. Some of us just want to insert the disc and play. That's all.

I could build a PC if I wanted too. I did it in the past. I built PC's for myself and friends and family as well. Most people I know personally I built their PC's. But I gave up on PC gaming to to the hassle.

For me nothing beats the comfort of a console.

duplissi2393d ago

hey! hey! lets all hug and be friends.....

look pc gaming doesnt do it for everyone. some people prefer to sit down and just put the game in. Pc generally isnt that simple youve got to install, set up adjust settings (ensure its a the right res or an adequate res), fiddle with control options if you wanna use a controller. also you have to take into consideration the higher level of involvement and maintenance to keep playing games.

frostypants2393d ago

There is no nice way of putting this, so I'll just say it: hooking a PC up to your main TV is the epitome of dorkdom. I have too much pride for that.