Follow up: The Autistic Boy on Xbox Live did Cheat! (New Information)

The boy that's been enraging the gaming media outlets of the world has finally and definitively been proven to be a cheater, though, given his condition he didn't know that handing his information over to someone on XBL was cheating, just something like being given a gift, or being helped out.

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ChristianGamer2430d ago

Well well well...where are all those trolls from the previous article?

mantisimo2430d ago

Cheating is awful and affects lots of games now on all consoles, whether its glitching or hacks.

Glad that bans are happening and please don't let such young impressionable children (either autistic or not) play such adult oriented games.

kancerkid2429d ago

If it can be proven that the kid cheated, what does it matter that he has autism?
Cheaters are cheats.

ExplosionSauce2429d ago

Autistic people can be more intelligent than some may think.

AndrewRyan2429d ago

The media enjoys trolling us with news that has no proof behind it. I am 100% sure Microsoft and Sony ban cheaters, and don't give a fuck if they are mentally retarded or have no appendages.

Cheating is cheating.

tdogg060519912429d ago

That mother should not let her son play M-rated games. I want to shoot her in the face with a shotgun. See what they did to me!!!

gamingdroid2429d ago

Why is that a problem and why is everyone so upset about it?

If he is 11-year old and mature enough to understand difference between fact and fiction, then there is no issue.

karl2429d ago


u cant really know if he can .. and taking the risk with such a young boy is not "adult" enought to have a kid

and if he does play those games i doubt his parents are thinking... hey my kid know this isnt real..

they are just fucking lazy bastards who dont give a crap...

gamingdroid2429d ago

Well, I can't, but I'm sure the mother can and it is her freedom to do so.

This is no different than politicians telling you video games causes violent murdering children.

Pozzle2427d ago

Gamingdroid: If his autism is so severe that he cannot tell the difference between cheating and being given a gift, then he probably shouldn't be on the 360 at all, let alone playing mature ones. Autism is a difficult thing to understand. I know people with autism, and even their families aren't 100% sure how much they can comprehend and/or how they react to things. Putting such an impressionable mind in front of a violent video game can't be the best thing for a child with such aa disability.

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IdleLeeSiuLung2429d ago

They are busy trolling another Xbox 360 article.

Headquarters112429d ago

I'm not reading that wall of text, anyone care to sum it up?

Sony3602429d ago

It turns out they have definitive proof that he did cheat.

I recommend skipping to the "so what did he do to get banned" part of the article. I admit it's a bit tl;dr.

gfunkera102429d ago

I can count to potato!!!

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poe2429d ago

who gives a shit. Thats the real story here.

Owner360-PS32429d ago

Well no sh**, I dont care whats wrong with a person cheating is CHEATING.

Fel082429d ago

Maybe we should blame the parent, not the kid. True, a cheater is a cheater, and there should be punishment, but this kid should've not being playing these types of games in the first place.

Zinc2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Will all due respect, that's the parent's choice to make. You might not think it's a good idea, which is fine, but you are not the parent of that particular child. You are free to make those choices for your own children, as well.

MidnytRain2429d ago

I agree. People keep bringing this up in these articles, yet they're not even directly related to the story at hand.


Ok...Can we get some real video game news!!!!!

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