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Is That Sentinel In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

DamnLag - "Hot on the heels of the decidedly fake screenshots of Hsien-Ko in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, it’s a picture of Sentinel in the game. This one looks a bit more legit as it appears to be from a German magazine article. Of course, as with the Hsien-Ko pictures, this might need to be taken with a grain of salt. But hell, I’m a sucker for possibly leaked information." (Marvel vs Capcom 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

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giantchicken  +   1577d ago
Gotta say, that looks pretty friggin legit to me.
Valay  +   1577d ago
Then again, magazine scans have been faked before...
FlyWestbrook  +   1577d ago
Sure as fuck looks like it.
Mastersnake10  +   1577d ago
Dammit I'm sick and tired of these leaks and fakes! Capcom, just set everyone straight already and put an end to this craziness, my heart can't take much more of it!
AGamerOfConsoles  +   1577d ago
lol. Capcom getting all their characters leaked LMAO! First the SF leaks. Then Lei Lei. Now this. Capcom = "Back off evil Ryu leakers, we are VERY GOOD at keeping secrets".
xino  +   1577d ago
fucking theft!

http://n4g.com/news/687662/... original article, who had the image first!

That above link was submitted first 1hr ago and yours 23min ago!

Sent in by Nyoronoru and OrionStars. to EventHubs.
It's not as if you know those guys and they sent the same image to you!

Just another socialism trash site stealing articles and begging for a farking hit!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)
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Genki-JAM  +   1577d ago
You need to chill the fuck out. This wasn't stolen from anyone and I didn't even know someone else had posted it when I posted this article. Calm down, holy crap. Plenty of people are posting it on their sites. And I just looked around a bit after your complaint and you can't call Event Hubs the first people to post it up when it's also on sites like Shoryuken as well as mine.

You should realize that this is the internet. There are so many sources out there that it IS possible for people to get information through means other than theft. If the information was taken from Eventhubs, it would have been made known in the article. Since it was not, there is no need for mentioning it.
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anasurimbor  +   1577d ago
Haha. I posted it first bud. Yours just got approved quicker for whatever reason, not that it matters. It was quite lame of you to tag it as a duplicate right away though. When you created it, you obviously saw it was already pending.
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Kon  +   1577d ago
Why not wait till the game comes out instead of trying to guess all the characters?
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AGamerOfConsoles  +   1577d ago
I guess people just can't let it be. But this is likely legit because later is was learned that Niitsuma's quote about Sentinel not being in was a misunderstanding and mistranslation.

I still think the last two are him and Hsien Ko.
anasurimbor  +   1577d ago
Well, there was a leaker awhile back that (correctly) revealed the remaining roster. So for many of us, it's been ruined for quite some time. The pics are just confirmation.
midgard227  +   1577d ago
um WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! sentinel as the final character? what a GARBAGE CHOICE!!!!....sorry im mad, but mad characters like this and modok just doesnt make sense to me

just hopin this is fake is all
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KeiKei  +   1577d ago
uhh you forgetting that this is a gift for us veteran players that kept mvc2 alive for 10 years. if it wasn't for us, mvc3 wouldn't even exist.

so be quiet =)
telekineticmantis  +   1577d ago
All they need now is venom
and tadah success
KrimsonKody  +   1577d ago
We should'nt sweat the issue of who's in or out, especially when there's gonna B DL-characters. Technically/eventually everyone or anyone can B "part" of the roster.

So, yeah,
let's just wait 'til it releases...
violent80sarcade82  +   1577d ago
I knew it Magneto never leave's home without 1 of his brotherhood goons but they should have put in sabertooth or jugg's instead of 1 of his weak ass sentinel's...Modok only made it b-cuz he loves to harrass the incredible hulk and dinosaurman ka-zar frm the safety of his hooverin chair he look's cool but is pretty weak...and i think there's 1 more marvel char and 2 more for capcom.
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