DMC4 Hands-On - PS3/X360 Identical and Demo Close

Gameplayer has gone live with their thoughts on one of 2008's biggest releases, Devil May Cry 4, following a hands-on with the game. They played both versions of the title on what they believe is a ready-to-go demo.

"This makes us think that what we played was actually a genuine demo that is set to be released on both formats as a download in the near future… maybe even post-TGS."

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razer3931d ago

surprising people with demo's (Lost Planet). I think that strategy worked well for them and we will see a DMC demo real soon. I also think Capcom will be true to both platforms and make a game that matches for both the PS3 and 360.

akaFullMetal3931d ago

i still think because they went multi alot of ps3 owners feel somewhat betrayed, and wont get it, i mean you never see these articles of dmc go up to 1000 anymore on this site after capcom said it was multi, and for some reason im not hyped for this game, maybe i will later but right now im not??? weird?

BloodySinner3931d ago

Well, that's just too bad for them, isn't it? We gain, they "lose".

jackdoe3931d ago

It's kind of like the whole Paramount HD-DVD exclusive dealy. When people bought a Blu-Ray player, they expected to get a Paramount movie. Same here. When people bought the PS3, they expected to get DMC4 exclusive. I mean, Capcom could have avoided the backlash of a lot of fans by announcing up front that the game would be multi. They could also win fanboy support by making the next Lost Planet and Dead Rising multi.

WIIIS13931d ago

Yeah, its going to be the same reaction when the announcements are made for MGS and FF.

jackdoe3931d ago

Lol. In your dreams BS3. Not at this TGS.

SlappingOysters3931d ago

I just don't get this at all. your paramount example is a joke. you can still get DMC4. if you choose not get the game on principle, then you've giving Capcom more reason to ignore PS3. if there is no change in the quality of the game why would you care that it is on X360 too. Or are you just annoyed that you spent extra money on a PS3 for games you could have played on an X360 - that argument I understand

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xaphanze3931d ago

no not weird, im not hyped either. Capcom did betray us.

xaphanze3931d ago

3 exclusives for ps2. Nothing more to say.

Lavagasm3930d ago

2 exclusives, DMC3 is on the PC. Personally I would be angry myself if I found something I specifically bought a console for was no loner exclusive. But on the other hand it is a good thing that more people are getting to play DMC4. This is an amazing series, I loved all three on my PS2, and I'll love the new one once is comes out.

EZCheez3931d ago

This game has pretty much fallen completely off my radar.

Not that I never liked it though. I loved the original. This whole exclusive spin has also kind of soiled this game for me. So much argument over a game that isn't even out yet. Of course, that's what we're doing on this site every day, isn't it?

jackdoe3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Nice. Will be waiting for the demo.

-edit- Lol. Got a disagree for saying that I would be waiting for the demo. Gotta love N4G.

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The story is too old to be commented.