Why the "Play Time" of a Game Shouldn't Be "News"

"Today, Eidos Montreal made “news” by announcing that the play time for the delayed Deus Ex: Human Revolution title coming out of the studio sometime this year would take 25 hours to play through. I get a kick out of developers or publishers attaching a specific play time to a game, especially in this day and age. Even if someone wanted to know how long a game is and, for some ignorant reason, would base their purchase on that arbitrary number alone, there are still two big reasons why I don’t think play time matters. Let’s take a look at them."

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Ninferno2767d ago

Great editorial.... Makes sense. Who cares?

CrzyFooL2767d ago

I think it's important if a game is overly short or long. Like when I find out certain movies are just over an hour or 3+ hours that's some info I'd like to know.

I can't sit through a 3+ hour movie in theaters. Man's gotta pee ya know.

seinfan2767d ago

Wait for the DVD or BluRay, then.

thevokillist2767d ago

Shortness of games make me feel like I'm wasting my money. I don't want to spend $60 for a game that is going to take me only a few hours to beat. I consider myself an experienced gamer and the main things I look at is difficulty and how long its going to take me to beat. 25 hours is a good amount of time to complete a game. 6 hours, not so much.

Good read, man.

JoelT2767d ago

Time and time again people swear by the length of all of these WRPG titles, yet i know tons of games that completely trump them in terms of narrative. It's not even fair!

Chadness2767d ago

Most games trump WRPGs when it comes to narrative, especially sandbox-style ones like Oblivion.

Chadness2767d ago

Well, when you have sandbox RPGs, the story tends to lack a bit in favor of freedom and character creation trumps having a defined character with a tight story.

Not that they're bad, but focused narratives like Mass Effect or Persona 4 will always trump "go anywhere, do anything" type games like Oblivion.

But, like I said, I still love sandbox games for what they are, but when I go to play a game, it is the narrative that draws me, nothing else.

Objective2767d ago

Beg to differ, I think Oblivion had a great main plot and many many great subplots, and all that makes the experience all the more engaging, whether you choose to explore all the subplots or not.

MMFGaming2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

The reason why game length is particularly relevant to Deus Ex is largely because it shows that the developers are very much aware of what Deus Ex fans want -- a long, RPG that actually develops characters and engages gamers in its world.

That was an element that was largely missing from Deus Ex: IW and its abysmal 12-hour run time, and that's why it was important for the developers to let gamers know, "hey, we're not screwing this's not going to be a 8 hour FPS".

Deus Ex will not be just another sci-fi FPS. People don't seem to realize that (primarily because the generation of today probably hasn't played previous Deus Ex games) and that's why it's important for Square Enix to firmly separate it from the rest of the other shooters on the market.

As a Deus Ex fan who was devastated by Deus Ex: IW, I thought it was very, very exciting news.

CrzyFooL2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Human Revolution is DX 1 of the 21st century. But you didn't hear that from me ;-)

allenhpark2767d ago

It's true, but it's sadly a product of our generation. When $60 games these days only take like eight hours to complete, PR companies are gonna try to do what they can to sell their game to others.

taz80802767d ago

Play time is very subjective any way. Some people can power thru games faster than others, skip thru non essentials or just go online. BUt yes, playtime has become greatly over rated. If playtime were so important than WoW should be the greatest game in the universe, as it never ends and you could isck millions of hours into it.

Objective2767d ago

I think the issue is playtime per dollar spent. But I'm more interested in having a great experience that I would not hesitate to replay.

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