Killzone 3 rated by BBFC, over 70 minutes of cut scenes

The United Kingdom's Board of Film Classification has awarded Guerilla Games, the developer of Killzone 3 a rating of 18 for “strong bloody violence and strong language” found in over 70 minutes of cut scenes. Hot damn.

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Hitman07692896d ago

YES! I can't wait to see these scenes, beautiful.

hakis862896d ago

In true facebook style.:
*hakis86 likes this*

awesomeperson2896d ago

What I'm scared of is hard drawn out boss fights to get to them.

Seriously, if I have to face the last fight of Killzone 2 (the waves just before Raedac and Raedac himself [sorry for the misspelling]) with both of those Helghan generals, I will get awfully depressed and will most likely go through a couple of controllers.

I found that last fight to be frigin impossible on the hardest difficulty.

Calm Down Sunshine2896d ago

I agree, I fought through the game on the hardest difficulty, then hit that wall of a boss fight at the end..

So many enemies... So few walls... Rocket launchers, flame throwers... It was all a bit too much.

Still, it made finally beating him that much better.

awesomeperson2896d ago

I never got to beat it on the hardest :'(

The rocket launchers were ridiculous it was like 1 hit and bam your dead, considering how many of them poured out, the must've had an army behind those doors o.O

pr0digyZA2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

sry dbl post read below.

pr0digyZA2896d ago

When rocket guys came out i hid by the stairs so that they couldn't aim, then shot people who were on the ground floor. When they are all gone I slowly went up with the sniper and took out the rocket guys one at a time. But yes even then it took around 15 tries.

awesomeperson2896d ago


Wish I had thought of that strategy XD

Inside_out2896d ago

If the game is 12-15 hours long, then maybe, but if the game is 6-8 hours long ( norm these days ) then it's a bit to much IMO.

A good story always helps any game so it will come down to how it's done. Games are/were meant to be played and be inner active...not watched. Regardless, I still think killing off Visari was a big mistake especially judging by the KZ3 story trailer...the new guys remind me of something you would see in a Batman game...take a look...

Vasari is the type of villain that should never die...this CGI intro is a classic, far better looking than the new one...

With only a few more weeks till launch I was hoping to see some of the jungle and space missions??? Either way, it's going to be an interesting couple of months with 3 big games dropping at the same time...


Crysis 2 is looking EPIC...

Orange2895d ago

@Cez of rage: the article says "The game according to the BBFC contains at least 1:10 of cinematics." I took that to mean they rated the length of the game to be about 700 minutes, or about 12 hrs. I'm conjecturing, though.

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dkblackhawk502896d ago

70 minutes?! I think this tops Uncharted,,,

Jester2896d ago

If i remember correctly uncharted 2 had 90 minutes. but still this is quite alot similar to what uncharted 1 had, unless thats what you meant then 100% disregard my post lol.

CovertGunman2896d ago

Hmm, not bad. I guess it's not as bad as MGS4, so that's good.

MariaHelFutura2896d ago

MGS4 was the best game and movie of 2008.

49erguy2896d ago

you mean not as good as MGS4. Storywise (not comparing genres)

karl2896d ago

this is going to be awesome..

but could this be a long campaign ? maybe 15 hours?

it would be cool if it wasnt the usual 8 hours.. xD

Mr Tretton2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

well the KZ2 was 5-6. Really you could do it in four.

Betting this one might be 6-7

Games are never as long as they say

Anti-Fanboyer2896d ago

It's been confirmed in an interview 8-10 hours.

RevXM2896d ago

@Mr Tretton
And some guy played trough Halo 2 in like 2 hours.

I guess I spent like 8-9 hours through Killzone 2.
Mgs4 first playthrough 24 hours.
If I run through it Ill complete mgs 4 in 12 hours easy.
But I rather look around take the time and find shit. :p

CovertGunman2896d ago

Sorry guys, what I was trying to say is that the cutscenes won't be quite as long as the ones in MGS4. Don't get me wrong, MGS4 was a brilliant game with an awesome story, but for some people it seemed like the cutscenes took you out of the action and it became too long between actual gameplay moments.

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Dart892896d ago

Wow that gun looks awesome looks like he sneaking up on someone...on another note can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy good bye life hello kz3 :D.

MariaHelFutura2896d ago

He`s going to go make some toast. He looks hungry.

AKA2896d ago

i hope we can wach those 70min
many more times after the game is done (kind of like a movie)
i dont understand why we can't wach all the cut scenes non stop in most of the games.

It will be like a gift for finishing the game and add a replay video value

awesomeperson2896d ago

I know, I wish there was some sort of option to watch all the cutscenes again, or a short movie style recap of the game with all its highlights...

I know Uncharted 2 let you watch all the cutscenes as you went through them on the main menu.

Nicaragua2896d ago

God of war Trilogy on PS3 had that feature too

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