Using a PS3 Controller on Windows 7

If you use a PC and a games console you have probably noticed how much more comfortable gaming is with a controller than with a keyboard and mouse. PlayStation 3 consoles in particular have custom designed controllers that have been conceived and developed for PS3 owners to get the most out of games without putting too much strain on their hands and arms. Given that many games are also available for PC, it would make sense for a standard PC game controller to be developed.

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mushroomwig2525d ago

Does this work for every title?

Pandamobile2525d ago

Not natively, but there's software that you can get that will make it work in every game.

I use my PS3 controller for racing games.

mushroomwig2525d ago

Thanks, I'll definitely try this out since I'm getting back into PC gaming.

cakeisalie2525d ago

My brother initially didnt like gaming on PC because he liked the PS3 controller. However ever since we installed motionjoy he loves gaming on PC now. Buys all his multiplat games on PC.

imvix2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Feels like playing on a PS3 with steroids as if it just has so much more muscle while playing the game with everything running in 1080p 60fps and a ton of AA.

fail0verflow2525d ago

I use my second ds3 constantly on PC with this

ProjectVulcan2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

It says there is no standard controller and while technically true, The 360 controller is really becoming a standard for a large amount of games. It also works perfectly on PC wirelessly with a cheap dongle. That is a real boon for playing in front of a HDTV from a sofa.

It is the best controller if you want plug and play, simply because a raft of top titles recognise it instantly and configure themselves automatically. Most racing and sports titles do and others including: Crysis, Fifa, Pro Evo, Red Faction Guerilla, Batman AA, F1 2010, Burnouts, Need for speeds, Hitman, Assassins creeds, Many source games now like Left 4 Dead 2 allow it to be selected, Prince of Persia, Metro 2033, Just Cause 2, H.A.W.X, Lost planet, Dead Rising, Fallout, Split second, Blur, GTA4, Dirt series, GRID, COD: Black ops, Mafia 2 etc etc just a small selection here from well over 200 games...This also means it mostly has rumble support for these games too, while other third party pads like the DS3 do not.

Using a Ps3 controller if you prefer it or do not have access to a 360 pad is a good way to save some money too. However if you are going to be playing Pc games long term and need a pad, the 360 pad is really the one you would probably want to get familiar with and spend the money on as its worth it, i strongly recommend it.

BattleAxe2524d ago

I prefer the PS3 controller, but the 360 controller is good too, and works natively with most new PC games, so thats what I use.

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Oldsnake0072525d ago

i play emulators (SNEs, n64, PS1)with a ps3 controller.

Just go on youtube and watch how to connect ps3 controller to your PC. It really easy, don't fear that it would be too complicated for u or anything.

ThanatosDMC2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Yeah, this is old. I've been using my DS3 to play DMC3 or RE4 on PC. Still clunky though since im using another program that cant really use the accuracy of the sticks properly.

yess2525d ago

At the momment i am playing Just Cause 2 with DS3, emulating 360 controller via Motionjoy...

Nice and easy ;-)

rockleex2525d ago

MotionInJoy all the way.

ThanatosDMC2524d ago

Thanks. I'll look into this MotioninJoy.

Bnet3432524d ago

I tried doing this a while back, but it was weird. I need to try again.

vickers5002524d ago

MotionJoy doesn't really make a difference, Thanatos. I tried MotionJoy on several titles with my DS3, and they all felt clunky and inaccurate compared to the ps3 versions of the game.

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JsonHenry2525d ago

I use my wired 360 controller. But only for side scroller games/emulators.

I'll have to give this a try with my PS3 controller.


Motionjoy is a good Program to use DS3 Controller on Windows for Games.

Also, you can use PS Move on Windows.

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theonlylolking2525d ago

For those that are not as good with mouse and keyboard as they are with gamepad then its great.

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artsaber2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Used it to play Mass Effect2 on my laptop. But there is software to custom program the buttons and even keep profiles for different games, etc. It works pretty well. I haven't tried it with W7 yet, but I am glad someone reports that it works fine.

kharma452525d ago

I'd recommend giving keyboard and mouse a go again for games like ME2, hotkeys are invaluable!

andrew1719942525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

well there is a program to make it seem like its and xbox controller and it works like a charm actualy 95%of my games let me use my controller

cakeisalie2525d ago

its called motionjoy. Emulates the PS3 controller as it were 360 controller works like a charm.

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