Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Release Date Confirmed

Konami have announced the official European release date for Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, whilst also announcing a delay for the PSP and DS versions of the game.

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ineedaname3719d ago

Really sucks how they release it in the states like 4 months later...Hope they speed it up this year because that makes no sense. Eitherway Il have to get the British version, because can't wait that long and FIFA is trash

sonarus3719d ago

yea dude. Gonna get the European version too. Can't believe pro evo is finally around the corner though.

androctonvs3719d ago

Long time coming... better be good. The footage sucked.

alfredoggy3719d ago

Out of desperation, i'm sure many U.S. buyers will probably settle for FIFA since it will be out earlier.

sonarus3719d ago

no out of desparation we will all be buying european versions. Thanks sony for making ps3 region free:D

gololo3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

No dude....I'd rather wait, FIFA is pure eyecandy nothing else, I will be waiting will be worth it.
@EDIT Wow...I didnt know PS3 was region free...then I will get the European version wooohoo!!!

MaximusPrime3718d ago

Europeans love football (soccer) and yes im a Chelsea fan. That England match between Israel and Russia was unbelievable. Sorry i went abit off topic there.

Anyway, PES will be fantastic on Playstation. Im sure many of you agree.
October is going to be fantastic month for PS3 owners.
I will preorder PES because i know it will be far superior than FIFA 08. (yep i played the demo and it was .... ok. I never really liked FIFA games)

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