Next-Gen Feature: How the Wii's Winning the 'Net

It may be no surprise that web-going gamers love the Wii, but research firm BrandIntel says it has the data to prove it nonetheless. BrandIntel tells Next-Gen how the Wii is beating Xbox 360 and PS3 in purchase intent, as analyst Michael Pachter likens Nintendo's hit console to a tasty McDonald's burger...

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Kholinar3903d ago

It doesn't look like anyone's exactly winning to me.

I love the wii. My friends and family who have played it love the wii. I think there's a buzz among non-gamers/casuals and in the hardcore you have a minority that are fairly vocal. So a large number of casuals/non-gamers' enthusiasm moves the data up and the ps3/360 hardcore drop it. Same thing with both other consoles.... haters from opposite camps have brought all of the consoles down to near neutral.

The loud people are the ones who get heard in this stuff and they're a small group...

Rooftrellen3903d ago

This is interesting, but you have to think about who is going onto message boards and talking about consoles.

Mostly the Casual gamers from each camp won't be on the internet talking about their console. That 60% of PS3 owners that don't know about bluray, you won't find them in the pile of messages they collected. The Wii owner that just has Wii Sports and Big Brain Acadamy, he's not there either.

Now, then, what I think I can draw from this after thinking about that is that the Wii is wildly popular. We knew that already, but, consider the number of casuals the Wii draws. The hardcore Wii owners push the number up, above 3, while the PS3/360 owners who claim to own a Wii push it down. It's quite amazing that the Wii is as high as it is.

The more vocal 360 group push their number higher than it really is. I don't know many people, even among the hardcore gamers I know, that want a 360 if they don't already have it. Most of them refrain from getting on the internet and posting at all about it, though.

The PS3, I'm suprised its that low. It seems many PS3 owners like to add something like "PS3 rules!" whenever a game gets a bad review and they're defending it, or they're explaining why bluray will win even if all studios were to go HD DVD exclusive. I would think that most posts are for the PS3, while the attacks against it aren't terribly negative, because its mostly about the lack of games and price (which should be a 2, not a 1, while "PS3 rules" would be a 5). I suppose this means there are likely many more negative comments about the PS3 than good comments, since the good comments are often more extreme.

Looking at the price at the end was a bit odd. After all, I would think that when comparing game consoles, its not about how powerful the console is that makes it a steak, but how many good games it has. The PS2 was the steak last gen, but it was by far the weakest console, but the games made up for that.

In that way, early adopters decide which console is the steak, and which one is the hamburger, because development for games will concentrate mostly on the console that has sold the most. We need only look at the handheld market to see that smaller price differences and power mean very little compared to the games the console holds. Nintendo thrashed Sega in the 90's and is thrashing Sony now, with weaker handhelds and more good games. Why should we believe the Wii should be different from these two Nintendo creations, or the PS2 from last gen, or the PS before that, none of them the strongest systems, but all of them with the most good games games.

IdontTakeSides3903d ago

So far can you plz tell me how many great games the WII have...or as a matter of fact other than the few obvious upcoming exclusives I dont see alot of great games for the wii beign announced...!!

Rooftrellen3903d ago

Super Paper Mario, MP3, Zelda, and more depending on your tastes, but I assume you want hardcore games, and those keep you busy for a while anyway (and if you have a Wii, you can't go long without revisiting Wii Sports or Elebits anyway).

Upcomming games include Mario Galxy, SSBB, No More Heroes, Bleach, Ghost Squad, Mario Kart, Zack & Wiki, Endless Ocean, Trauma Center: New Blood, Battalion Wars 2, Manhunt 2, Fire Emblem, Nights, RE: Umbrella Chronicals, FF: Crystal Chronicals, Mario and Sonic at the Olymic Games, Monster Lab, and Sadness.

Again, personal tastes might lead you to want others, as well. Those will be the ones most people are looking forward to, though (and by most people, I mean me, notice Wii Fit isn't there, because I'm not THAT interested).

I suppose that's mostly all of the great games comming to the Wii.

purin3903d ago

everyone keeps forgetting dragon quest: swords

ItsDubC3903d ago

and Soul Calibur: Legends! =)

beavis4play3903d ago

the system is cheap. if 360 and/or ps3 get their prices to within 50-100 dollars of it- then game over for nintendo.

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