Father of PlayStation, Kutaragi To Be Honored By The ESA For His Gaming Contribution

Ken Kutaragi, a true pioneer in the video game industry, will be honored at the ESA's special children's charities fundraising event, Nite to Unite for Kids. He will get the 2008 Champion Honoree award for his contributions to the gaming world.

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MK_Red3906d ago

The man is a true legend. I'm still unhappy about his retirement. PS4 without Ken is unimaginable.

resistance1003906d ago

He did state that he will be working on the consoles for a long time to come

Lord Anubis3906d ago

he is still around. By the time PS4 rolls around I wouldn't be surprised if ken decides to use code named Racetrack Memory to advance gaming to new levels.

OsolidOsnakeO3906d ago

legend.....all gamers must thank that man for his great monster playstation.

Frances-the-Mute3906d ago

without him, gaming wouldn't have been as big as it is now

Hugh Hefner3906d ago

Good guy and we owe him a lot, although I believe he got a little too arrogant towards the end of his career.

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The story is too old to be commented.