Gameroni: X-Men Arcade Review

Andrew Cretella writes: "It’s hard to imagine anyone but the nostalgic fan who actually played the original feeling satisfied with this re-release of X-Men Arcade. If they really wanted to bring this game back, it should have been given for free, as a sort of holiday gift. That may not make good business sense, but 0 dollars is how much it’s worth today."

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Balt 2708d ago

The beat'um up genre is one of my personal favorites. They're short, they're shallow and they cut right to the chase. For 10 bucks this game is a technical steal. Imagine owning the cabinet coin-op. Wrap your head around what it cost.

While X-men isn't my favorite of the genre, Double Dragon owns that crown, it is well worth the buy to relive the glory days a few times here and there. To play this online with 5 other players is also a damn good nostalgic experience too.

Don't look at these games, these old retro reissues, as anything but a nostalgic walk down memory lane at the price of 4.99 to 9.99 a pop. Seems like a damn fine way to relive some child-hood memories to me.

Now, Sony, please give me an HD version of Double Dragon and while you're at it the Simpsons too.

RadicalDreamer2708d ago

Some good points, but these weren't my childhood memories, so I feel I've been overcharged $10, which was part of my point.

Not that I would publicly promote it, but wouldn't emulation also be a way to relive those experiences?

StitchJones2708d ago

Yeah this wasn't a good move. At 5$ I would have been swayed but with MAME being so easy to get a hold of, it's going to hurt sales of a straight port.