Killzone 3 - PlayStation Move Interview

GameTrailers writes: We get the details on Killzone 3's campaign and multiplayer and how the PlayStation Move is incorporated in this interview with Herman Hurst of Guerrilla Games!

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zeksta2892d ago

My god, Killzone just keeps getting and looking better, as long as Gurilla Games can keep this up, we're gonna have a great KZ game on our hands! :D

MAJ0R2892d ago

I really wana see the alien jungle they are talking about

Angels37852892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Really? Ok I'll post some concept art for it shortly.........
But wasn't there some very short gameplay from the "alien jungles" in the latest trailer?

hakis862891d ago

Look at the animation of that HUGE boss... it's amazing! Certainly beats ANY other huge "spider-robot" I've ever seen.
Cannot wait for this game.
Note to self: pre-order this game when I get my paycheque.

norman292892d ago

@The Headline, you interviewed a PSMove about Killzone 3 :O
/s :P

Terror_B2892d ago

What self respecting hardcore gamer would want to play a game like this with a motion controller?!?!?

Stationfan2892d ago

Im going to play no shame in my game,besides i earned my stripes i passed K2 platinumed it. Not many people got that far they bitched out on the controls.

norman292892d ago

@Terror What self respecting hardcore gamer would want to play a game like this without a motion controller going pew pew?!?!?

garrod2892d ago

What are you even doing commenting on PS3 news? We all know your a devout Xbot. Stop trolling and get a life.

DanSolo2892d ago

That's looking pretty good, I enjoyed KZ2 but like alot of people I just didn't like the controls.
Hopefully they will get the balance right in this one as I like the idea of realism over floaty controls, but I still like a game to feel slick when I control it!

The new Move gun attachment looks interesting, hopefully it integrates into the game well as if so I think that would definately give the game the edge it needs against other more popular FPS's!

redDevil872892d ago

All this news is making the wait worse lol

WithMyLastBreath2892d ago

wow! Of all things I am so stoked they are bringing back the chirp after killing someone, haha I love it! Not to mention how awesome everything else looks of course.

Rhezin2892d ago

Meh won't be using move for K3. DEFINATELY gettin the new jungle green controller for this game. I really don't like the shaky yellow aim crosshair when playing K3 with move. Maybe for socom but NOT for killzone 3, gotta stick with what I'm best at and causes the less inconvienence.

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The story is too old to be commented.