Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PC Demo Released

The Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo has been released. If you haven't been keeping up, you can find out all about the demo in the developer blog. You can also check out the Valley map guide for details on the demo map along with a few tips and tricks.

See download mirrors below at the alternative sources.

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Alernative sources (10)
Download mirror
Download mirror #4actiontrip.comTnS
Download mirror #3gamershell.comTnS
Download mirror #2worthdownloading.comTnS
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TnS4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Fastest mirror (for me):

iceice1234113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Yahoo let me in instantly and is letting me stay at around 550KB/s-600KB/s

socomnick4113d ago

I want a xbox 360 demo Let us know how the pc demo is :)

Ahmadinejad4113d ago

anyone get an error when loading up? it goes black screen then desktop. and a error console.

TnS4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Try to update your drivers.

If you have ATI card then you have to download the latest driver: