NowGamer: XCOM Preview

NowGamer: "It’s hard to believe that, over 100 years after it was first written, HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds is still the seminal tale of alien invasion. There have been countless others in books, movies and games, but none of them have quite captured that sense of fear and dread caused by overpowering alien superiority that Wells’ classic tale does. As time has gone by, aliens have become less ‘alien’ and just another foe that gung-ho humanity can match, despite whatever advanced technology they might possess. It’s a healthy attitude to have as a species, but our alien invasion fiction has lost much of the helpless thrill that made War Of The Worlds so riveting."

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ChristianGamer2925d ago

I'm loving the 50's style in this game. Also liking the investigation element too. I just wish it wasn't an fps. We have enough of those. Would be much more interesting as a third person shooter/alan wake type game. Let us pray they at least reserve the fps mode for shooting only.