Burnout Paradise: PS3 gets Exclusive Feature, Both Systems get Gorgeous & Equal Graphics

The camera support in the game has been tweaked a bit to offer more functionality. Whereas the game would initially use the PlayStation Eye or Xbox Live Vision camera to snap a victory pic when you'd take a player out, the support has been beefed up to include taking a picture of you for your in game license. As you progress through the game you'll be able to take new ones to reflect your growing prowess, or ego. Another unique feature discussed was unique to the PlayStation 3 version of the game is the EZ Drive feature which lets you hop online with three quick presses of the d-pad.

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MK_Red4118d ago

"For those looking for any performance differences between the two platforms, it looks as though you'll be hard pressed to find anything glaring"
That's what a true de should be doing. This could be the first EA published game to not have terrible problems on on version. Criterion FTW!

JokesOnYou4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

in a pro sonykid fashion, you could have easily left that for the comments section, you dont see me pointing out how ps3 is missing the "rumble" feature in every game or how the xbl functionality is setup alot better while playing online games, (oh my bad, I just did) you know exactly why you wrote that headline, (well thats what this site is all about, huh?) ha ha you just couldnt resist right=


BloodySinner4117d ago

I totally agree with you. MK_Red obviously wanted to start something. Anyway, for those who are too lazy to read, I believe this was the exclusive feature of the PlayStation 3 version of the game:

"Another unique feature discussed was unique to the PlayStation 3 version of the game is the EZ Drive feature which lets you hop online with three quick presses of the d-pad."

macsto4117d ago

Another spin by MK_RED. Get a job.

i Shank u4117d ago

the ps3 exclusive feature is a 3 button d-pad press? Lmao, that could be done on anything with a dpad and online, like the DS :p what a joke of an exclusive feature, why dont they use Sixaxis or cell or bluray to come up with some better exclusive features? seriously, i expected the ps3 version to have more exclusive features then 3 dpad button taps, its good to see grphx are equal tho

TheXgamerLive4117d ago

His stupid title of this shows what a sony lil kissass he is.

As already stated what about an Xbox 360 bonus or exclusive content postingh, such as the rumble or Better fuller online or graphics as we'll all see soon enough?

Hmmm, so please stop the lil baby sh1t that you do continually do:)

Omegasyde4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

The Xbox Fanboys are right, you did mislead the title to lure fanboys in to bicker.

But Hey its a contest right?

I don't blame you for fighting abit dirty, but I would of changed the title to something less harsh.

Eventually people are going to copy your style and submit every story having some kind of "Fanboy Fire starter"... to generate hits.

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FirstknighT4117d ago

Well if it is equal in graphics than I consider this another victory for the 360. The ps3 was favored by Criterion and was lead platform I believe. So if a 360 can get a port with equal graphics...why can't the ps3???

rev204117d ago

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz typical bs

its not a victory its a great game across two different platforms, the ps3 can get as good gfx check oblivion, skate, rainbow 6 vegas, graw 2 and many more.

Shut up and enjoy the games

Firestorm4117d ago

It's becoming obvious that ps3 is the lowest common demoninator this gen, thats why.

Firestorm4117d ago

GRAW 2 on ps3 isnt even close, it's nowhere near as crisp and clean looking, and the framerate isn't as good. R6 isn't as good either.

MaximusPrime4117d ago

yep its true. Criterion delevoper said that they would make PS3 more exciting and better than xbox 360.

Burnout started on Playstation. There is an extra burnout game exclusively for PS2 (Burnout Dominator).

Burnout Paradise will be an exciting game to play. Great preview from gamespot.

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kalle4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

"rainbow 6 vegas and Skate" as good as the 360 version? Are you blind?

Oblivion and GRAW2 came out almost a Year after the 360 version so ofcourse they look a tiny little better in some part of the game, but overal GRAW2 looks better on 360.

rev204117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

same old bs.

go watch some crappy comparison video's there was a skate one shown a couple of days ago there near on the same, cod 4 is near on the same. Unreal tournament 3 looks excellent aswell

Yet im being made out to be lieing lol.

Ive got both versions of r6 the only huge difference is the bloom lighting everywhere and that the 360 version has some stupid bug where you can get on top of boxes by glitching then out of the map.

Most of you see only what you want to see take alook at the bigger picture

r10004117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

What great "passion" these fanboys have (I count 2 fanboys above my comment), and they todays youth is going no where. Man with "passion" that is displayed on this site, I see future, heads of companies, politicians etc.... Oh wait we're just talking about video games here, nevermind.

Edit.... correction 3 fanboys above my comment.... and more to follow

Loudninja4117d ago

Man some of you guys need to stop being such rapid fanboys.It starting to get on my nerves

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