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Submitted by Fir3truck 1898d ago | opinion piece

Why Do Video Games Turn Us into Racists?

"I recently threatened to delete every single bit of data tied to my brother’s gamertag. “Why?” you ask. I’ll tell you why. He was turning his Black Ops emblem into a swastika. Perhaps I was being extreme in my threat, but I was serious. I may joke around a lot (we’re rarely serious on Gametwerp), but I take racism/hate speech/etc very seriously."- ChaingunPope (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Culture, Gametwerp Podcast, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

toaster  +   1898d ago
Yep the author sums it up perfectly: anonymity. I trash talk in games too, I mean.. who doesn't? But I don't make racial slurs or derogatory remarks (save for yo momma jokes, those make everyone laugh). The CSS server I play on frequently doesn't mind cussing, we're adults after all. But the admin will boot anyone who makes fun of race, gender, sexual orientation. They don't stand for it. Console games can get away with it because there are no admins but PC games like CSS and TF2 are played by a much more mature audience. There will always be that one guy in the server that keeps spouting "LOL I KILLED JEW FAGGOT" and yeah 80% of the time, he will get booted.
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Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1898d ago
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Nightshade386  +   1898d ago
I've played a ton of games online. I've killed and been killed. I've never in my life felt the urge to use a racial slur over a video game. Thus I can only summize that video games don't turn anyone into racists or else I'd have said a ton of stuff I find disgusting in the real world. I think racists just feel safe saying what they already feel online because of the anonymity.
RustInPeace  +   1898d ago
I may use racial slurs myself when Im angry, but it's NEVER directed to another player in a game. It's usually me trash talking a game (like Black Ops for how broken the PS3 version is) or my system freezing up (again, caused by something like BO or New Vegas' lockups causing a system freeze.) I DO find it ridiculous, though, that our culture (at least in the US) has people spouting "nugga nugga nugga" every other word all day, EVERY DAY, on ANY online competitive game. I find that if people would STOP saying that kind of stupid shit, maybe you wouldn't hear some 10-year old throwing it around as much. As for the whole swastika thing, it's both a dumb thing to waste time making, but at the same time, the devs put items into this game to create custom emblems which people would abuse (i mean really, who didn't see this kind of stuff coming a mile away? Let alone all the tits and dongs people love to make)
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RustInPeace  +   1896d ago
A disagree? What, someone likes to hear "gangsta" talk all the time, or is it that I'm lying about the customization? Nice to see the phantom disagreer is back
madpuppy  +   1898d ago
Speak for yourself, Frankly, the biggest problem are the clowns that take gaming too seriously, get angry and frustrated, If you want to win ALL THE TIME then play against your grandmother.

I was under the impression that I was playing a game, I don't lose my countenance over losing a game.
Quagmire  +   1898d ago
Agree. too many elitest COD or Halo players who think they're all that since they can PWN TEH NOOBZ online.

Get over yourself. Winning an online match is equivalent to winning the special olympics.
Bnet343  +   1898d ago
Yeah but you can't use that line. When your favorite sports team loses, people take it seriously like when they killed that Escobar dude on the Colombian team. It's competition. You can't get mad at someone for wanting to win badly. I personally don't like losing, but I do not mind if I lose as long as my team mates gave it their all. If we lose because Player A can't grab a flag, that'll piss me off. That means he should not be playing a Ranked Match. Now if they are in a player/non-ranked match I can understand. If you are in a ranked match, you shouldn't lay down.
xg-ei8ht  +   1898d ago
Strangely i don't trash talk. I'm over 18,lol.

But once while playing uncharted 2 online, i had a black man(could tell by the voice) calling me a N. And i'm white.

I think people really think it matters when they get the top stop in a game,did to me years ago. But actually it does not mean anything. It's just fun, so try and laugh while you beat someone, but yeah ok winding people up can be fun:)
Bnet343  +   1898d ago
Alot of black people call everyone the n word. the same way some white people call others dude or bro. It's not meant to offend anyone. It's just a thing. Dude bro n*gga man mate, etc.
ChickeyCantor  +   1898d ago
Context is key my N...
NegativeCreepWA  +   1898d ago
For some reason reason when someone calls me N it pisses me off regardless of the context. If you don't want a white person to use the word don't use it your damn self. I'm not racist, but I'll get racial if someone does with me just because I know it'll piss them off more then me.

I love it when someone calls me a honky or cracker like its offensive, It's like yeah I'm white,so what, am I supposed to be insecure or ashamed of it.
karlowma  +   1898d ago
The anonymity of the internet is a disinhibitor. A racist is a racist; video games do not make one so.
NoNeedForAName  +   1898d ago
"It seems that I’m a “Jew” every time I get killed, and I’m a “n****r” every time I make a kill."

I LOL'ed. I've been called several variations of both in my time...back when I actually listened to what the people said online. Generally the people spurting the racist remarks are the most fun to piss off, so it's kind of like a target as to whom I'm going to have the most fun with.
troll  +   1898d ago
As a white male that eventually will be middle-aged, I was not only born a racist, but also a woman hater, a closet alcoholic and a potential rapist. I don't need to prove what I am through a game, I got the newspapers that tells that on a daily basis.

However, I have not even once uttered a single degrading remark during a multiplayer match.
kasasensei  +   1898d ago
No game can turn me into racist.

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