THQ developing two core games for Move, one for Kinect

Danny Bilson, studio chief at THQ, just confirmed via Twitter that not only will THQ soon be unveiling a core Kinect title (likely at the VGA's on December 11th), but will also announce sometime in the near future two core titles for the Move.

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Quagmire2699d ago

Red Faction with Hammer=Move integration?

Genecalypse2699d ago

Hybrid with move and 3d, sounds interesting

Pedobear Rocks2699d ago

Da Blob would be one of the PS3 games I'd imagine...

But again...its'll be a mess.

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I_Like_Good_Games2699d ago

Metro 2033 sequel would be great with Move and maybe Kinect as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.