Gran Turismo 5 Tips and Strategy Guide

SegmentNext - "Gran Turismo 5 Tips Tricks and Strategies to improve your driving experience in the game. Understand the core principles of racing in Gran Turismo and improve on what you have already learned".

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Pedobear Rocks2791d ago

Tip 1....

This isn't have to know how to drive.

NotChrisHansen2791d ago

what are you doing here? why don't you take a seat over there?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Pedobear I dedicate this one to you


Getting my copy today. : ) I would have gotten it on the 24th but Amazon and UPS were both conspiring against me to insure that I would not receive and enjoy it over the long holiday weekend.


BubbleSystemSuck2791d ago

Tip 2: stay away from IGNorant reviews

Jellzy2791d ago

Thought I was using google translate for a second...

Good article though.

Ravage272791d ago

yeah it was a good read