Do Reviewers Play Enough? | Mad Overdose writes: It has just been bought to my attention via this website, that the damage model system of Gran Turismo 5 that was promised to be almost lifelike is in fact present in the game. It seems all you have to do to really experience it is well…play the game. Seems simple enough really, doesn’t it, so why can’t these ‘professionals’ do it?

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Chuk52759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

People forget that reviewers have to review other games. Give them a break. In the case of GT5, it doesn't help that sony gave reviewers a copy 2-3 days before the game came out. If some publishers weren't so anal about embargoes, reviewers could play more. Embargoes have gotten really rigid and unreasonable, this year in particular. These gaming sites also have a business to run. AS journalists, they're always trying to scoop other outlets to get their brand out there. Reviewer's play what they can to get an understanding of a game. They don't always have to finish it. You don't always have to finish a novel to get what it's going for, especially if it begins slow and continues that pace for an unreasonable amount of time. In the end, gamers are fickle. They're with reviewers when they give a game a good score, specifically the score, and against this review and the site when the score isn't great. To add further ignorance, most gamers won't even read the review, just see the score and summary.

lokiroo4202759d ago

Bullshit, if they cant play enough of the game the review is worthless, also saying they have other games to review has to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

comp_ali2759d ago

The lamest exuse I've heard that the damage model would be unlocked after exact lvl.
This isn't a weapon in COD where you have to achieve rank to unlock.
Also, PD didn't say anything about this, they just said damage model will be updated via patch later , they've never said anything regarding unlocks. YOu think you know better about the game they created.

MAJ0R2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

not only is it a lame excuse, but also a laughable one

it basically is admitting that their reviews are shit

Yamauchi trolled teh interwebz

UnwanteDreamz2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@comp_ali you are wrong and a troll. This was reported before the games release. You must not have followed the news on this game. You dont understand why they do this because you havent played the game.

BTW 8 of your last 10 comments were trolling PS3 articles so yeah you're a pathetic kid.

acedoh2759d ago

Every GT game has had unlocking of critical elements in the previous games. That is why it's so important to play this game much longer than a few hours. In previous GT games you had to complete licenses to get to critical races. This game is the same concept. If you are going to review a product you should have a detailed view of the game. I believe IGN said they only got to level 5 which can be accomplished in less than five hours. That is absurd that you review something after completing less than 10%. SONY should have some type of punishment towards websites that do this.

Shadow Flare2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

No, all it comes down to is that most reviews weren't thorough enough, they played only a small portion of the game, so essentially they were poor quality incomplete reviews which has led to the game getting scores that it doesn't deserve. After PLAYING the game, I can easily say that while it's not flawless, the good heavily outweighs the bad, it pushes boundaries a lot and is an excellent driving sim. The game is massive and beautiful and it's a 9.5 game. Anything less is ridiculous.

Dark-Cloud2759d ago

they didn't put the damage in the first levels because it would have been very hard for the people !!! .. im playing GT5 on steering wheel and im really good at it but the game is very hard even on the begining of the game !!! go to licens and try to get GOLD on all of the courses on the first level , you will see that it's really hard , imagin what will be on expert XD ... i love this game , this is how you make a good game , by making the gameplay hard , you have to study every thing on the cours , when you turn left and what you do .......etc
this game is the hardest game i ever played and they make it really good , not on a bad way , because you learn and think of how to play , not just driving like an arcade game .....

most of you people don't know anything about the game , you just drive , you don't know that you can level up your skills .. every car is different so that's another point of a hard gameplay and the modes like rally -snow-rain -drift ....etc every mode need to study it and study how to drive the car on that mode ... it's complicated xD ... i hope you understand that .. it's the real simulater game littirly ... alots of things are really amazing and hard but you people don't know about it , you just play , you don't know about that ...

sorry for the bad english ...

morganfell2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Shadow said it best.

"The game is massive and beautiful.."

There is a phrase that I have often heard applied to other games. I just haven't seen it in a GT5 review. Something along the lines of this:

"Although the game has flaws the sheer amount of content and incredible experience overwhelm any shortcomings."

There is a tidal wave of content and experience in the game. The only people denying that are the hardcore haters determined to tear this game down at any expense. There are so many echoes of MGS4 attack journalism it isn't even funny.

The response by PD to issues has been lighting fast. The idiots that were nitpicking and asking why this didn't go into the game in the first place need to buy a calendar so they can remind themselves the game was finished for 2 months before shipping.

Maybe they would prefer that months of time pass to fix problems like we saw in Gears of War 2. Oh wait, Gears of War 2 received a pass on these massive issues in the reviews in the first place so those issue must not have existed. I only imagined people flipping out of maps, grenade tagging me through walls, shooting while they roadie ran, or one of a multitude of other bugs.


How much fun would kids experience if after the first few bumps and bangs you are out of the race due to damage? Then these same so called critics would have been caterwauling over that design choice.

Instead, PD brings in the damage when you are skilled enough to handle it.

Where were these same reviewers bitching about any other gameon the market that has a feature that requires long term progress to unlock?

Yes the expectations for GT5 were high. And it's GT5 gamers that realize PD has met or exceeded those expectations and this is only the beginning. GT5 is a long haul game and in Sony fashion will receive years of support. I for one am looking forward to it.

ComboBreaker2759d ago

But we all know how good the full experience is.

If I only play Modern Warefare 2 for an hour and didn't unlock any perks and Killstreak, I would say it's just like any other FPS game. But again, we all know the full experience is better.

If I only play Demon's Souls for 5 minute at TGS, I would say it sucks too. But again, we all know the full game is better.

See, IGN didn't. And IGN didn't know better.

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xYLeinen2759d ago

Total BS. It's their job.

Next things is that they will complain about their job? It's soo hard to play games. Get out of here!

xXxSeTTriPxXx2759d ago

@ComboBreaker, intelligence is rare on n4g.bubbles up.

after what you said there is nothing else lift to say.

DigitalAnalog2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"People forget that reviewers have to review other games."

In big sites like IGN, that is of no excuse they should have sufficient reviewers to revew the multitudes of games coming out. Especially when GT5 comes out. By your logic every JRPG from the beginning of time should get a low-score since you never really get into the story or the proper mechanics once you go beyond 20 hours or so.

It is the responsibility OF the reviewer not just rate the game but to COVER as much of the game as they can. People like you only care about the score and not the content of the game, which really says a lot about you.

If they state something only to find out it is FALSE, then they're credibility goes down the toilet. MORESO, if you are the biggest gaming review site!


You are truly misinformed. First off, the damage has "penalties" that would leave any beginner penniless after their first crash which would destroy the point of having damage in the first place.

"Also, PD didn't say anything about this, they just said damage model will be updated via patch later , they've never said anything regarding unlocks."

What do you mean? There are over A BILLION previews showcasing damage a year before the game was released, you'd think somebody would get the message if they can't receive damage in the few levels. And as of yet, there are 2 videos showcasing the full damage at lvl 40 and it's already impressive, what PD would release for newer "damage-models" is left to be desired. Point is, damage model is already here and impressive - updated or not.

"they've never said anything regarding unlocks".

I distinctively remember playing Super Mario 64 and in no way did they game tell me that I should collect all 120 stars to unlock the cannon to reach the top of the castle to meet Yoshi. In no way, did they tell me to find a metal cap to access places I couldn't. In no way, did they tell me to get an invisible cap for the same reason. I guess Miyamoto is a poor game designer. RIGHT?

-End of line

Dark-Cloud2759d ago

ign review isn't a review , it's crap !! they just say bad things about the game and compare forza to it , ign don't know anything about the game , they are just bunch of nerds ...

twoface2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I remembered all the crap with IGN's prelude to GT5 review.

"Where is IGN's GT5 review" and the like. Total BS site

HolyOrangeCows2759d ago

""Where is IGN's GT5 review" and the like"

IGN wouldn't have written an article like that for an Xbox Exclusive with a launch date embargo.

Abriael2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Sorry, but this excuse is laughable.

Laughable because reviewers often (and it is the case even with GT5, mind you) complain that games are rushed to release, then they do *exactly* the same with their reviews, because they have to publish it exactly at 8 AM on release day? Please...

Especially on the internet, when publishing times aren't as strict, if you didn't have the time to play a game enough to experience the majority of it's features (and that's something that takes at the very least a full week, if not more, with a game of the scope of Gran Turismo), you simply delay the review and play more.

It's not doctor's orders to publish a review exactly as the clock ticks the end of the embargo or the release date. If a reviewer publishes a misleading/misinformed review because he didn't care to play enough in order to to get there "FIRST!", then he deservers all the criticism he gets, and readers should just leave his publication alone.

This, of course, gets even more serious when the misleading review is intentional. A low score to a game like GT5 causes controversy. Controversy brings hits. No one with a brain would miss the fact that most GT5's reviews use a different standard compared to other reviews by the same journalists, simply because every little (in some case irrelevant, in some even false) excuse has been found to lower the score/worsen the judgement.
In this case readers should be very aware that they're being intentionally misled, and draw their own conclusions.

Personally, my review of GT5 is going to take at least a few more days, I want to experience what the game has to offer first-hand before disrespecting my readers by writing a wagon of misleading turds based on wishful thinking, irrealistic expectations and cheap forum banter.

Abriael2759d ago

Just as an addition, it'd be nice to see reviewers fully diclose their PSN/Xbox live nicknames, in order to let their readers see their achievements/trophies.

I bet we'd have a lot of interesting surprises :D

Angels37852758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

You comment is perfect.

hesido2759d ago

I fully understand the reasons of holding back the damage until later, and I support PD's approach for this, but reviewers could be reminded about this. GT5 is an endless game, and reviewers could be reminded that the feature set changes with level, because this is not something that they expected at all. The reviewers could at least be warned not to write a review before they level up to 40, without telling much. This is not to save reviewers' asses btw, but to ensure a better review of their product that they worked so hard for.

lodossrage2759d ago

I hear what you're saying on that hesido.

But come on, why should they have to be told? That is the reason they're supposed to PLAY the game in the first place. When you play games, are they supposed to tell you when you unlocked secrets or are you meant to find out on your own?

Besides, if people actually listened to all of Kaz's interviews, he clearly said damage slowly unlocked over time as you played.

Like I said bro, I see what you're saying as the reviewers didn't expect it. But that's the whole point in the first place. They aren't meant to be spoon fed all the intricacies of the game. They have to do their jobs and PLAY for themselves. Not play for 5 minutes and poop out any half-baked review like IGN did.

MNicholas2759d ago

That's they're job.

They are paid to review games.

If they are writing about a game they've barely played they are not doing their job.

DeadIIIRed2759d ago

If anything these GT5 reviews highlight the low standard of integrity that certain sites like IGN hold their staff to. I have a hard time giving pity to these "reviewers." These people get PAYED to play video games and write about their experiences. You don't write a review of a movie without watching the entire thing, why would you act differently towards a video game? If they can't fulfill their job description I'm sure a lot of people would.

iPad2759d ago

i guess everyone was right.

when gt5 releases, 360 fanboys would be in full force.

I need to get this game ASAP

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units2759d ago

reviewers not doing their job could be said for any game not just gran truismo

ThatEnglishDude2759d ago

I agree. But Kazunori Yamauchi decided to highlight it, and did so in a very clever way. I also agree with Chuk. The reviewers should also be given more time to actually play the games to their fullest before making a final judgment.

badz1492759d ago

they just rush out so that they can be the 1st with the review! the embargo is for holding off early reviews but never to rush you to post a review! IGN's review posted 12.01 the day the embargo went off just shows you what's their priority really is!

lodossrage2759d ago

But that's the thing Englishdude. They HAVE the time.

Just because the embargo was lifted doesn't mean they HAD to put up their review. They willingly CHOSE to do what they did. They weren't forced.

Grenadan2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

yet half the gaming sites never mentioned anything about them in the reviews so people need to stop acting like the whole world is against gran turismo because its not

mikhail_tisoy2759d ago ShowReplies(1)
DigitalAnalog2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"yet half the gaming sites never mentioned anything about them in the reviews so people need to stop acting like the whole world is against gran turismo because its not"

There's a difference between "not mentioning" and blatantly lying to the public. Not-impressive damage on lvl 10, no shit sherlock?

-End of Line

HolyOrangeCows2759d ago

"yet half the gaming sites never mentioned anything about them"

......uummmmm, seriously? What site/reviewer DIDN'T mention its multiplayer (Other than the amazing Yahtzee)?

2759d ago
Nihilism2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Na man they need to sink a good 2000hrs into a game before they get to have an opinion


If I buy a game and it blows within the first 5 hrs, then it blows period. Anyone who says otherwise is clutching at straws. If I go to a movie and I've given it an hr and it is still going no where, then I'm walking the F out.

lol @ people throwing around developers names as if they were rock starts, get the over yourselves.


Yes I do. If a game hasn't gotten over the tutorial B.S and you haven't had at least 1 boss fight and met a few of the main characters in the game, then there is something very wrong.

Within the first 2 hours of the Witcher you had a character die, met half the games main characters, fought a boss and the main plot was well and truly underway. I had done learned the core elements of alchemy in the game, upgraded my gear and set out into the world. 5 hours is more than enough time to see if a game is good or not.

raztad2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"If I buy a game and it blows within the first 5 hrs, then it blows period"

You apply that criteria to RPGs also?


5 hours is nothing in the scope of a RPG. I've been playing a little PSP RPG for 12 hours and it is just getting started. I mean only if the game has horrendous combat system (even tho there is always a chance it improves later with upgrades and stuff) I would ditch a RPG only after so few hours. It is all good :)

Game-ur2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Sure and you can talk about how deep the plot and leveling system are in the witcher, if you got everything in a game after 2 hours that just means it shallow, something the witcher isn’t.

And can you talk about the arcane mage class in dragon age after 2 hours, or talk about the most powerful skill tree? Or talk about the different origins and how they change the game after 2 hours.

HolyOrangeCows2759d ago

Nihilism, that is one sad perspective. You're going to miss out on some deep games if you complain about everything in the game not unwinding in 2 hours.

Oh well, you're just going to contradict yourself when a game not on the Ps3 releases with the same "problem"

Sylmaron2759d ago

You just like arcade racers better than simulation racers then.

Kaz took the simulation side to the extreme which means that more features unlock the farther you level. It's almost a car RPG which means it isn't for anyone.

UnwanteDreamz2759d ago

You seem to be arguing with yourself again. You are talking about 5 hour reviews of games as if that should be standard? I see you do this crap alot. You talk in circles and half thoughts.

Point is if you are going to take points off for not having something shouldn't you make sure it is not there?

BTW movie reviewers are supposed to watch the whole film.

MariaHelFutura2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Your just mad about everything.

Ignore. You don`t have an opinion just child like emotions and I`m sick of hearing you whine like a little girl.

LostDjinn2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@ Nihilism.

Yeah? Well #@%$ you! Who do you think you are? Comin' in here with ya opinion like ya crappin' in peoples picnic baskets for giggles.

Don't ever change. It's awesome.

On topic: If you guys needed IGN to ok GT5 before you bought it then who has the bigger problem, you or IGN?

Edit: How many of you have this game just out of interest?

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