The Top 5 Games That Desperately Need Sequels

In life good things don’t always come easy and this is also applicable to the gaming industry, A lot of games have come and gone, some left without any footprint while other left with a lasting impression in the heart of gamers leaving them asking for more. The industry has been saturated with sequels upon sequels (COD, anyone?) — Many of which aren’t a great improvement over the previous installment.

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Cajun Chicken2736d ago

This list fails so hard because of the ommitance of an MDK3.

proudly_X2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

MDK3 is cool, but did not make the list

jony_dols2736d ago

Medievil 3? Crash Bandicoot? Syphon Filter?

Perjoss2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

we need Elite 4 and System Shock 3! and how about a proper Starfox sequel, and a new Pilotwings while you're at it :)

I know many people are well up for a Dungeon Keeper sequel too.

SmokexFFx2736d ago

An odd one, but I say Castle Crashers needs a sequel. I have spent over 50 hours with that game just unlocking characters.

NoBias2736d ago

I think this series needs a full game release with a lot of depth and customization. I had a blast with the title and the game could definitely be taken further.

I'd go along with it ha.

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Urmomlol2736d ago

Hahahaha what a terrible list. Dino Crisis 3? Really?

Clearly written by someone who doesn't know too much about games.

HolyOrangeCows2736d ago

Hey, Dino Crisis 3 may have fallen short, but 1 and 2 were great. I'd like to see another Dino Crisis.

Jigsaw-2736d ago

DN 3 is not even Dino crisis,i wish they brought it back and made a real one.

Tuxedo_Mask2736d ago

The way Capcom's been doing things lately if a new Dino Crisis was planned I'd probably want someone else to make it.


Knowing Capcom, a new Dino Crisis would look like a mod from RE5, they would reboot the series with a Emo version of Regina and before the game even releases there would be dinossaurs on sale all over PSN/XBL, in case you want to see more than 2 species in the game.

proudly_X2736d ago

are u saying that DC3 was a crappy games?, you must know that, what's acceptable to one is a taboo to others . . .

Urmomlol2736d ago

I'm not saying DC3 was a crappy game. EVERYONE said DC3 was a crappy game.

proudly_X2736d ago

if you read the article, you'd notice that praises were showered on the original dino crisis, but because dino crisis already had a sequel, you dont expect the tittle not be dino crisis 3. a sequel with revamped graphics and gamplay would be epic.

kosovo2736d ago

i loved dino crisis, i dont know why the hate?

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