They Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1

Game Trailers learn about the mystery elements and storyline for this upcoming FPS, as well as the dreaded alien race you'll be fighting throughout the game.

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xaphanze3970d ago

The narrator is gay.
@ 3:02...the game is still in develelelelement...

Lord Anubis3970d ago

ah, it reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy: The spirits within

Baba19063969d ago

england/ london how original, i almost cant "resist", and yeah whats up with the spirits within monsters. =D

chanto233969d ago

This Gen has been little disappointing to me because of the fact that all devs are "creating" are damn shooters...where are the platformers? The action adventure, the fighting games, the RPG's?? F**K the stupid shooters and bring more variety..

DeZimatoR3969d ago

anyone else thinks this game has some sort of a Resistance: FoM feel?