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Call of Duty DLC is Xbox 360 Time Exclusive Until 2012

Microsoft announced that all Call of Duty DLC will be Xbox 360 (time) exclusive until the end of 2012. PS3 and PC gamers will get the maps/DLC 30 usually 30 days later. (Call of Duty, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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TheMrMadzen   1742d ago | Offensive
xYLeinen  +   1742d ago
At this point I don't care anymore. I won't be buying another CoD product because there are other greater games out there. I'm really dead tired of the cod franchise. When we get changes from MW2 to Black Ops which basically could be a patch for MW2 that's where I put down the line.
DoomeDx  +   1742d ago
Everybody sayed that about MW2 too.
Yet they buy it.
Chubear  +   1742d ago
Well it's time for PS3 MW gamers to show what they're about. Do you really want quality or are you down with just pop shooters that show marginal improvements for your gaming.

Killzone3 is just round the corner. Let's see what PS3 gamers that love FPSs do. Do you support a FPS game like KZ3 over a FPS game like MW:BO? What will we tell developers we want from our FPSs on the PS3?

We'll see.
FanboyPunisher  +   1742d ago
Killzone is more genaric a game than COD.
Actually a terrible game for competitive play.
We need a new genre or franchise to jump into.

Elder Scrolls IV?
HolyOrangeCows  +   1742d ago
Oh no! I'll just DIE if they don't let me be screwed over! I NEEEEED to download those few maps! How could you do this to me, Activision?! HOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??!
Scary69  +   1742d ago
Amen, but I won't be buying the maps because I already sold the game (LOL) it was a major disappointment. I will wait for killzone 3 and Socom.
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Megaton  +   1742d ago
Überschnitzel must not have paid attention to E3 this year, because Microsoft opened their E3 presentation with this news. Guess they ran out of videos to steal.
sp1deynut  +   1742d ago
Not to mention....
...the deal ACTUALLY started with COD4:MW ; MS just officially announced the extended deal at E3.
Galvanise_  +   1742d ago
2012 is when I expect the next Xbox to launch. Looks like they have a timed deal in place for the rest of this generation.
Unbornkirkster19  +   1742d ago
I believe you're right!
Spawn-KING  +   1742d ago
dosen't bother me, ill be on Killzone 3 in feb 2011 .
HDgamer  +   1742d ago
Same here and Crysis 2 the next month.
outwar6010  +   1742d ago
i am seriously never buying an activision product ever in the future i dont care if it for my ps3 or xbox 360 you cant treat one fanbase better of the other its just despicable. This cod had loads of online problems and the graphics were in par with last gen(i exaggerate but you get the point)
falviousuk  +   1742d ago
I take it from that statement then that you won't be buying anything from EA either due to the exclusive deals for the PS3 with MoH and Dead Space. Or buying any UbisOft games due to the exclusive deals with assassins creed and splinter cell franchise.

That's a lot of gaming your gonna miss out on
Scary69  +   1742d ago
Funny you say that I have not bought a Ubi since Rainbow six major disappointment and UBI lack of support for it's games. so I no longer purchase their games nor will I purchase an Activision game after this lame excuse of Black ops.
outwar6010  +   1742d ago
quality wise i have never had a problem with ubisoft or ea
Revvin  +   1742d ago
I can't imagine how much money Microsoft paid to have this exclusivity. Its utterly pointless if the PS3 and PC get the DLC 30 days later, just what is the point of that? I have a 360, PS3 and PC but as talking from a 360 point of view I'd rather Microsoft sink money into developing a new IP or a new 1st party studio. Buying exclusivity is the wrong direction to take in my opinion, Sony investing in their 1st party studio's is the right way to go, they are building something not just throwing money down the tolet.
Flashwave_UK  +   1742d ago
so true
PietroDimeglio  +   1742d ago
Lol. What idiots Activision and microsoft are. Activision are just loosing money from PS3 users. Were not gunna go and buy a xbox 360 for their shitty dlc lmao
Mc Fadge  +   1742d ago
For those confused by the title, I think they mean that DLC released for all future Call of Duty games (before 2012) will appear on PS3 and PC 30 days after it does on the 360.
Spawn-KING  +   1742d ago
Nov/9/2011 DLC for the Xbox 360 then 30 days later the PC and PS3 will have the DLC .
SixZeroFour  +   1742d ago
and i STILL dont get why microsoft waste money just to have dlc out a few days earlier than the competition...i mean, its not like the ps3 or pc are never gunna get it
Kran  +   1742d ago
MsmackyM  +   1742d ago
Who cares. I bought MW2 but passed on the over priced DLC, and I passed on the over-hyped Bl Ops. If Activision wants to be MS butt boys, then MS can pay them and i'll spend my cash elsewhere.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1742d ago
Great news for 360 owners. Sony fans might cry who cares. But the fact is their are more players on the ps3 network playing this game than Killzone 2, Mag, Resistance 2, Socom, and every other exclusive shooter COMBINED! I bet you their will still be more players playing this game when Killzone 3 comes out too. Sucks for you guys.
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gaden_malak  +   1742d ago
Have fun paying to play online. lol.
falviousuk  +   1742d ago
I will, thanks for your concern
sak500  +   1742d ago

We sure are, unlike you guys boycotting, petition signing crybabies of this gen console race. Go play your bumpem car5 with 200 detailed cars and 1000s of ps2 2d cars.
Silly gameAr  +   1742d ago
Tooled out.
gaden_malak  +   1742d ago
"We sure are, unlike you guys boycotting, petition signing crybabies of this gen console race. Go play your bumpem car5 with 200 detailed cars and 1000s of ps2 2d cars."

lol, oh how sad. Too much Halo and Gears is getting these 360 fanboys a little aggressive. Guess it sucks that your entire gaming library consists of the sequels to 2 games.

HDgamer  +   1742d ago
COD is played more than Halo 3 and reach combined. You lose MLG camper.
Pehdahosman  +   1742d ago
Ph god what a surprise
a game on 3 platforms is played more than 2 games on one platform you cod fans are idiots
cyborg6971  +   1742d ago
Yeah I bet your the furthest thing from a pro mlg but we all have dreams. At sak if that's the case for ps fans then the xbox fans have to be the most cocky self deluded living in a dream world douche bags this gen. Have fun with your thirty days of over priced crap that I will be buying at a quarter the amount cause of gamesharing. Bitches.
Scary69  +   1742d ago
@ Halo3MLGPro#12

Are you a total moron? Because it seems you are the games mention are old many people move on, Is there ALOT of people playing COD 4 on the 360 or MW2? Nope Why? Because they move on to other games. So do us all a favor and STFU when you are clueless to what you are talking about douche.
SixZeroFour  +   1742d ago
actually, sad as it may be, mw2 beat out halo reach for 2nd place in top live activity
Black-Helghast  +   1742d ago
@Halo3 MLG Pro

I don't know what the hell are you talking about because there are more players on black ops 360 than Halo: Reach, gears of war 2,Halo 3 and...Oops i ran out of your exclusives...That's sad...while i have a lot of exclusive online games i can play on my ps3, the only exclusives u have are Halo and Gears games. Sad my friend...Sad...
MRMagoo123  +   1741d ago
why would it suck for us guys you retard halo fan we get to choose what games we want all u have is multiplats to play lol have u even thought ur comment thru before typing because its stupid and makes no sense that ps3 owners would care about getting DLC 30 days later when we have alot more games to play than any retard stupid enough to buy a 360.

@gaylo3 MLG slo
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interrergator  +   1742d ago
yawwwwwwn give me somthin new besides dlc for xbox and a different game besides milkin cod
clintos59  +   1742d ago
I been saying this for a long time & even tell friends on psn dont fall for activisions trap because your going to be sorry especially with new content. This is why im glad I didnt buy this game. I played a few games on my brothers & I can tell u now it still the same sh1t with added features. For any ps3 only owners out there waiting on a good fps to hold u off until killzone 3 hits, grab MAG, im telling u this game is way underrated. It should hold off until killzone 3 comes out & just from the beta, damn killzone 3 is off the chain. I know its going to attract alot of newcomers. In my opinion its alot funner then call of duty especially with all the new melee kills & ofcourse the graphics look way better then call of duty black ops. I really think when the final product of killzone 3 is released this game is going to be a monster.
Corrwin  +   1742d ago
So exclusive for 30 days, then?
Why does nobody speak english anymore?!
dale1  +   1742d ago
my cod went back before gt5 hit,medal of honour is a much bettter game online.
tony6767  +   1742d ago
lool why wait till 2012 to get dlcs when u can play better fps like killzone 3 or medal of honor
CernaML  +   1742d ago
Soooo... no games until 2012?
Masta Kaos  +   1742d ago
Wer is Halo: Reach??? Lol
-DarkPhoenix-  +   1742d ago
Well that's a bit stupid.
There'll be another COD by then.
ngecenk  +   1742d ago
no no, it only says cod dlc will be time exclusive FOR 30 days until 2012. means if it launch tommorow on xbl, it will be available in a month for other. this pattern will be continue until 2012.
AllroundGamer  +   1742d ago
now i'm really glad i have a flashed Xbox360 :) not supporting MS is the right way! those greedy bastards with their brainwashing techniques (looking at you Kinect worshippers)...
Adolph Fitler  +   1742d ago
30 days exclusitivity..Wow MS are really spending there billions smartly. Close down your inhouse development studios like theres no tommorow, and let Bungie, Bizarre Creations and such go from exclusitivity so you can pay 50million suckeroos for GTA timed exclusive content (that didn't make a lick of difference), and pay more astronomical amounts of cashola for some maps, which probably half are rehashed, and the other half were already made and ready when the game shipped, but taken out so suckers could be ripped off for it.

No wonder the PS3 has almost caught 360 in sales. The dumb bastards should have bought (or bought off for exclusitivity) 1 or 2 Japanese development studios that were responsible for huge JPN style RPG's and such, as well as set up a couple more studios back in the states.

I mean it's the reason why Sony and Nintendo can fire back and catch up to a 18month console sale headstart from MS.
unseen49  +   1742d ago
MS sucks really would pay for a dlc i want MS to keep cod Exclusive...im a mag2.0 player best war game out right now better then cod
dan_chan89  +   1742d ago
lol 30 days, yeah that's really gonna make me go out and buy a 360. ROFL
SSKILLZ  +   1742d ago
Lol I don't give a fuck , until that day and if I remember I might get it, I'll be busy playing so many AAA exclusives. Kz3 ftw
gypsygib  +   1742d ago
What they didn't mention was that they would gimp the PS3 version from now on.

COD4, WaW, MW2 - all had equal resolution to 360 and 50plus framerates

After the "exclusive DLC Deal" - Black ops has inferior resolution and is only 40FPS, and the colours are screwed up unlike previous games.
BigKev45  +   1742d ago
We already knew this!
sak500  +   1742d ago
LOL MS's supposedly billions of dollars for paying devs for exclusivity seems to be working alright from what we can see on n4g of crying ps3fanboys.

Great people are still playing MW2, BF:BC2 from ages ago and yet hardly anyone is playing your ubers exlusive games like kz2, unchartered etc.

Keep crying and boycotting MP games and waitttttttttttttt for 2 mediocre exclusives per year to justify spending $699 on a console with such few good MP titles
CernaML  +   1742d ago
Sooo.... the crying of fanboys justifies paying millions for timed exclusivity of paid DLC? Kay.

It'll be surprising to see such diehard MS defenders still defending this new WiiBox after 2011.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1742d ago
mp maps get old quickly but zombie maps....man oh man that is the main reason im going to get the map packs.
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