Bounty offered for open-source Kinect driver

The first person who figures out how to build an open-source driver for Microsoft's much-hyped new Kinect motion controller could win a $1,000 bounty offered by a leading open-source hardware developer.

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whateva2543d ago

can't wait for this to get cracked and used on the PC, Just picked up Kinect today for my Niece & Nephew

Fishy Fingers2543d ago

Aren't MS going to release PC drivers anyway, I'm sure they've stated so and it makes sense to expand it's uses beyond the 360 and onto the PC.

Raikiri2543d ago

yep they have..they plan to use it on everything cars security systems, the whole shebang......hehe i said shebang

ct032543d ago

Yup, that's what I'm waiting for. I don't have an Xbox, but I definitely want this technology on the PC.

Dramscus2543d ago

They probably will someday have drivers for windows. I'm really hoping for some linux compatible drivers though. We would see some truly interactive interfaces.

El_Colombiano2542d ago

That's why they're paying for open source drivers. Microsoft's will not be open source. Linux people and even Mac will not be able to use those drivers. Open source leaves the drivers available to be ported.

What I would find hilarious is if the open source drivers get ported to the PS3. Hacked PS3s of course, but none the less.

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im-12-years-old2543d ago

imagine the mods!

instead of a tiger we will be seeing digital prostitutes

Letros2543d ago

$1000 seems a little low, then again there's a lot of people out there that do this kind of stuff for the fun of it not expecting any money.

wwm0nkey2543d ago

Good, that means I can do head tracking in games with ease instead of needing perfect lighting conditions, cant wait!

Dusdg2543d ago

I own Kinect and it does work at night in the dark. However it is not able to say this is Dusdg in the dark. But it can see the shape of your head and do the head tracking part.

ElementX2543d ago

I don't see how this is going to work. If you have to be a few feet away from your TV, how will it work on PC?

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