Destructoid: Review: Going controller-free with Kinect for Xbox 360

Nick Chester Writes:

"You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos -- just you!”

That’s what Microsoft is promising with Kinect, its new motion-sensing camera for Xbox 360. It’s a device that Microsoft says will change the way we interact with not only games and entertainment, but with each other.

We’ve had a chance to see it behind closed doors at public industry events like E3. But what happens when you take it out of a controlled environment and into a real-world setting? I spent the past week and a half jumping, waving, and shouting as I put Kinect to the test in my very own living room.

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GamingGamer2758d ago

"when it works, it’s very convenient. But when it doesn’t, it’s extremely aggravating, and that seemed to be more often than not. "

"Kinect only was able to identify me only a little more than half the time. It also takes a while for the sensor to either identify or fail to identify you"

and many other design issues and such. also, he says lag exists as shown in countless videos, but he said he didnt mind them.

Troll_Police2758d ago

All of the reviews are saying Kinect doesn't work half the time.

PLASTICA-MAN2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


The american dream:

In order to play Kinect, you need to:

And about this

=>Kinect is only restricted to:
Kinect silly family ad :
Edit: At below: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ =

NecrumSlavery2758d ago

You ought to watch G4's Feedback. I watched it around 1am this morning. The girl who talked about it and reviewed it basically said it was the greatest thing ever made. She pretty much said it's perfect and nothing is bad about it, except you need room to play(which she downplayed). They also cut on Move, even though they praised it when it was released.

ConanOBrien2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Kinect sales go beyond Move, regardless the reviews

The war has just begun

Jdoki2758d ago


Why would it be hilarious?

Move has no killer app, but it works flawlessly.

Kinect has no killer app, and seems slightly flawed in some circumstances.

The games industry needs to move on and embrace a bigger audience - but can you honestly say that you see a brighter gaming future for core gamers if Kinect (or Move) become the de facto controller standard?

ct032758d ago

Is that what they all are saying?

8.8/10 CVG
8.0/10 Game Informer
7.5/10 IGN
9.5/10 Strategyinformer
8.8/10 The Globe and Mail
8.8/10 USA Today

ryuzu2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

^^ Nice cherry picking of sites there. Eyetot:Play has 8/10 on metacritic - shall we see if Kinect manages that?


gamesmaster2758d ago

IGN 7.5.... yes ct03.. yes

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TheHater2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Why exactly wasn't this given a review score? They had no problem giving the Wii and PlayStation Move a score, yet they seem to hold back on giving this product a numerical score.
It's things like these that really annoy be with reviews/reviewers and why people put so much of energy into following them. You shouldn't have a different set of standards for one product than another.

patterson2758d ago

Because they don't want to disturb the overall Metacritic.

Sad but true.

OGharryjoysticks2758d ago

More like Microsoft won't allow it, if I had to guess

gietzy2758d ago

When a review doesn't give a score Metacritic asign their own based on the tone of the review. (I think)

Mr_Bun2758d ago

I've noticed that almost half of the kinect "reviews" don't have a score attached.

grrlaction2758d ago

Destructoid didn't give review scores to either of the products you listed, meaning both the Wii (which I'm pretty sure they weren't an active site at the time of its release) and more recently PlayStation Move. In fact, they don't score peripherals or hardware PERIOD.

To those saying "Microsoft didn't allow it" that's bollocks; you can look in these comments and see a number of reviews referenced that have scores.

It's like you're purposely being obtuse to stir up a problem. Additionally, you'd also see that Destructoid's review of Move was far more positive that Kinect, if you're trying to insinuate that there were shenanigans on Microsoft's part here.

Denethor_II2758d ago

I'm sorry but you're cutting out a lot of your user base in the UK if you need that much space!

brstmp2758d ago

Is this for real? dude she is a small child,.. Not a damn tall adult,..

I see many returns tomorrow ,.. when hype wears of and people get sober,..Hell even move needs some room but this is just ridiculous,..

How much is recommended in meters?

Denethor_II2758d ago

I think they measure in Viking longboats as opposed to meters, but I see what you're saying.

PLASTICA-MAN2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Imagine that in Japan!
An entire house is the size of this room.
Better not ship it there then.

Call_me_Ishmael2758d ago

hmmm,so this is why microsoft said they dont care for reviews cause the people cant review it

2758d ago
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