Opinion: DirecTV dropping G4 a wakeup call to channel’s program directors

A Gamertell writer expresses his opinion about the G4-DirecTV situation.

From the opinion piece:

"G4 hasn’t been a channel that “focuses on the popular gaming lifestyle” for a couple years. X-Play and AOTS are the only game/technology-related shows still on the network. In fairness, G4 still does an excellent job of covering E3. Other than that, it is a non-stop stream of lowest common denominator TV such as COPS and Cheaters. "

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Beahmscream2815d ago

That's not an opinion, that is FACT.

Shackdaddy8362815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

The amount of filler garbage they put in kinda pisses me off. I mean, 6+ hours of cops everyday? Come on, I like watching cops every once in a while but thats just ridiculous.

They need more gaming stuff cus thats what people watch that channel for.

I used to watch this channel a lot but they really f*cked it up.

I do like the "movies that dont suck" thing though. And Xplay. AOTS has become kinda boring.

P.S. Codemonkeys was awesome.