Check out this funny fan video: Sim's Night Out

PGN writes:
“Sim’s Night Out” is a pretty funny and accurate look at how a popular Sims character would act and interact in our real world."

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allysaurus872767d ago

I like how he changed clothes so quickly. Accurate lol.

WiiRemotes22767d ago

I won't spoil it for anyone but the ending was pretty clever.

TonykomatMK2766d ago

Yah that was pretty funny. ;)

ManfredLamchop2767d ago

simglish right? i always thought there speaking was funny. :)

NeetaSreekanth2767d ago

my favorite game growing up was sims hotel, and roller coaster tycoon.

DonkeyKingKong332767d ago

College Humor always does funny stuff. Does anyone remember the great Street Fighter: The Later Years videos they made? F'n hilarious! Anyways good work once again.

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The story is too old to be commented.